Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homemade Meme: What I Haven't Blogged About Yet

Tales aplenty, I seem to have little time lately to put even one together coherently. I was tagged for a "25 Things About Me" meme, but I'm switching it up, and giving you a bulleted list of 25 Things I Haven't Had Time to Blog About.

1. My laptop died dead 2 days ago. This is seriously bad news in LoriWorld.

2. My zoom lens died about 2 days after we moved into the country casa. It makes this sound: "grind, grind, grind," and it won't focus. This is also seriously bad new in LoriWorld. Like, seriously, melt-the-credit-card-out-of-the-bowl-of-ice serious.

3. My friend Mark left a bag full of kitchen utensils in my door, along with a sympathy card and a note inviting me to decompress with all of the fun toys. Sympathy Tongs! I laughed for hours.

4. I'm not sure how I would have survived the last couple of weeks without my Aunt Karla coming to take care of my Mom.

Aunt Karla teaches Mom to play Hopscotch.
(Note shadow cast on the house, of Clint putting charcoal into the grill.)

5. She left Tuesday, and I miss her because I love her, not because she helped with Mom.

6. Brian leaves for Iraq in 15 days. I feel kinda sick that I won't see him before then. Bleah.

7. I'm proud of Brian for spending as much time as he could with my sister while he was home, and for spending the afternoon that she died with me, with us, with her. Lots of young people wouldn't have.

8. We have been plugging away on the house. I need to show you pictures. There is a beautiful porch, now!

9. I am busy at work these days, something that hasn't happened for 3 years or so. I like it; it makes me feel worthwhile.

10. I am stressed out over neglecting my soldier babies for the last 5 weeks or so. I put a care package campaign on hold, and feel guilty. Their lives and situations did not come to a halt when mine did. Time to get back with the program.

11. Speaking of soldier babies, I'm getting more letters than ever from soldiers in Iraq that want beanies. They are working more humanitarian missions now, with orphanages and hospitals, and encountering more children than ever. One young man has told me that I can't send too many.

12. Diane is taking care of Mom for me on Saturday, and Clint and I are heading out to play at the Pork 'n Apple Festival, and surrounding antique shows.

13. I can't remember the last time Clint and I had a day-long playdate, just the two of us, with no worries. I am looking forward to a day with my man.

14. I would like more daylong playdates with my man, for the record.

15. I bought up 25 lb boxes of tomatoes (seconds) and roasted and froze them for future homemade pizzas and chilli.

16. Clint and I picked out THE most beautiful ceiling fan and lights for the kitchen. We loved it! He installed it, and we hated it. He uninstalled it, and we picked out another THE most beautiful ceiling fan, substituted some artsy-fartsy globes on the lamp. We are in love with our ceiling fan and lamp.

17. I am, because I have so much extra time on my hands, toying with the idea of starting a blog that lovingly chronicles my mother's Alzheimer's. I'm considering a blog name of "Lovin La Mama Loca." Is that mean? Please vote.

18. Clint and I are attending Oktoberfest in St. Louis in a few weeks, with Jennifer and Bill. Diane, once again, is taking care of Mom, and I am very much looking forward to that weekend of fun. Maybe I'll buy some lederhosen.

19. I need to stop spending money on stuff I don't need. Like lederhosen.

20. I'm going to need to find someone to rent my house soon. Only most of my stuff is still there, and I need to get in and out and come 'n go as I please. This is going to be tricky, isn't it?

21. Although one would claim that one would never keep track, one notices who does and who does not step up in a time of crisis. We've had our jaws drop over who stepped in, and we have whispered to ourselves at some that did not bother. It's something one just cannot keep from doing, I think (and I'm not pettily referring to anyone that reads this blog.)

22. That said, one jaw dropping moment in my life was glancing around at Teri's funeral, and seeing D & Clay walking down the aisle to take a seat. I literally felt my mouth fall open. Clay just arrived home from Iraq, and they came from far, far away, to attend the services and give me giant hugs. They buckle me. Someday, I'm going to go to their house and kiss them on their mouths. Who's with me?

23. Hostess with the mostest: While serving a table full of folks a few weeks ago, my cat marched under the dining table with a mouse in her mouth. Save your fork, there's pie!

24. Momo is preggers again, and needs to move back "home." At least to within weekend driving distance.

25. Every single one of your comments, e-mails, and cards, if I have not acknowledged them, has not gone unnoticed. Please know this. I intend to hit the brakes and respond. So many of you have sent me countless good wishes, and I love you all for bothering, and understanding that it may take me a minute to get back to you.

Smooches, people.

And for the rest of you bloggers out there whose lives are moving faster than the speed of BlogLight, I tag you: 25 blogs you didn't write!


  1. Enjoy your playdate. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. As for the folks who didn't step up, it's best to just let that go. There's always problems with weddings and funerals like that. It's just the way it is. Shrug it off and enjoy the pork and apples.

  2. Stop.Breath. Enjoy the play-date.

    LOVE the shadow of Clint ... how cool is that!

    Just a thought, umm, take those thongs with you on that play-date, :)

  3. Tiffany9:11 AM

    I think the idea of the blog regarding your mother's Alzheimers is a fantastic idea. There are SO many people who are going through what you are going through and it would be a comfort to them. A nice place to come and read and think..."it's OK to laugh about some of these situations" might make their burden just a little easier and it might be good therapy for you as well. I say go for it. I'm not 100% sure of the name, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!

  4. Not mean. Not mean at all.. I'd most definitely read it.

    And have a great day with your man. You both deserve it after all this.

  5. Great catch-up blog!

    I DO need to move home!! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!

    And I like the name of the Mama blog (if you decide to do it)...I can hear us singing it now. ;0)

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I just LOVE # 17!!! My Mom has Alzheimers and my sisters and I HAVE to laugh about her "new" quirks now and then. That's how we deal with such hateful disease. She in an assisted living place up in Milwaukee. We have stories that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

    B.t.w. Eat lots of pork and apples!!!

  7. Lori-Hi, I met you at the Esquire. I'm Shannon's friend. Anyway, I stopped reading when I saw you need beanies. I have beanies. Do you have names for me? I'll send them right out.

  8. Maggie, I have names for you! I'll get your email from Shannon!

  9. Lori,
    I still have that bunch of thank you cards for you. I can mail them on over. No beanies, though.

  10. I thought of you when I read the following post over at Ramblings of the Bearded One:

    I think you'll enjoy it too, although it will probably be in a bittersweet sort of way.

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Just found your blog - but I think we must know one another somehow! Probably not - but just feels that way. My Mom passed away 2 years ago after a two year battle with Lewy Body Dementia and Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia. Oh, the tales I could tell! And sometimes do! Gosh I miss her - even the sick her.

    Anyway - I saw this: 11. Speaking of soldier babies, I'm getting more letters than ever from soldiers in Iraq that want beanies. They are working more humanitarian missions now, with orphanages and hospitals, and encountering more children than ever. One young man has told me that I can't send too many.

    Beanies? Like hats? Knitted or something? I'm a major knitter and am stuck home recooperating from a 3 week hospitalization. If it's hats you need, I'd love more details!


  12. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I also have beanies! I like the name you chose for your new blog, and Momo is moving back? I would love to see her and yea! Diane for helping out so you and Clint can relax~ have fun! Tongs?! Mark is kinda quirky :O)that made me laugh too

  13. What a drag about the laptop and the lens! Man, that is tough, and around the same time. Sheesh.

    I'm glad you added the photo caption, because I was wondering if that was Frankenstein back there.

    I need to pick up some beanies; would be glad to send a couple boxes.

  14. After going through Alzheimers with a grandmother and severe mental illness with my ex-heart holder, I think that being able to laugh about it, even if you can't until later, is not just ok, but essential. *hugs*

  15. I will be praying for Brian with every thing I've got. God bless you guys.

  16. I have not read your blog in a while and needed the update. I am sorry to hear of your sister. Slow down and breath. Thinking of you!

  17. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Neat list. Missed reading the juicy details that would have made these posts though!

    While I'll imagine and drool over the home made tomato roast pizza and chillis ( yes, food is on top of my list these days), you go and have a real nice play-date with your man.

    Smile more girl!


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