Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transformers and Time Management

My God, it seems like the more time I get for myself, the behinder I get. Daily help with Mom has been a Godsend. I have, easily, an extra 10 hours a week to myself. Pure luxury.

Unfortch, I've spent the first 10 hours coming to the conclusion that in the last 3 years, I have fallen 3,000 hours behind. Keep in mind that number grows exponentially, unless nothing else happens during the catch-up time. What are the odds?

In essence, this is merely another "I'm not blogging today" blog-post. I will, however, throw in a couple of gratuitous photos, and do some finger-pointing at one reason I am further behind as a result of moving into the country: Transformers.

At least, that's what I like to call some of the monstrous farm implements that run up and down my road on any given day. They are huh-UGE, and even all folded up like this one, take up the entire road:

You do not want to get behind one of these babies when you're running late. I actually took a photo of my speedometer while I was driving behind this one, feeling certain that a high-speed crash was unlikely to happen while I took my eyes off the road.

Let's see...my house is 3 miles away, and I am going, oh... ZERO Miles per hour...I should be home...uh...NEVER!

I know that Transformers aren't entirely to blame for my 3,000 hour backlog, but if I were micromanaging and keeping track, I'd have to say that I'd only be 2,998.5 hours behind if it weren't for this guy.

I know this was a silly post; it started out so serious that my head crashed, and after spending an hour in front of blogger, I was by-God determined to leave with something on the board. Tune in for some good stuff, I mean it now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Excuses, Promises, and Pancakes

3 four-day weekends in a row have really put a cramp on my vow to blog more.  Photo folders and stories galore are backing up, though, so when I catch up on laundry and bills and mail, I will talk your ears off.

For now, I ran through my photo archives for a quick, fun story, and found just the thing.

I recently found a fun website called Jim's Pancakes, a site where a guy named Jim makes fun pancakes for his little girl. Over Memorial Day weekend, Clint's daughter and son-in-law brought all of the fixin's for german pancakes, so I shared the site with them. Here's a photo of Jim's Ferris Wheel pancake:

(See them all at Jim's Pancakes!)

So taken was I with the Ferris Wheel pancake, that I asked Bill to make one for me, on Sunday morning. Here's Bill's Ferris Wheel pancake:

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love it, don't you love it? A little difficult to butter and syrup up, but it was delicious!

Catch ya'll on the flip side.

(Flip side. Get it? Flipping pancakes....oh, forget it.)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Riding Off Into the Sunset...

Because I am determined to blog regularly, but have negative minutes in which to do so, I present to you a photo of my cousin Mike, leaving the church with my new cousin (and his new wife) Debbie, after their wedding a month ago.

I did not consult with them about posting this photo all over my blog, but if you leave some comments about what a cool way to leave the church this is, I'm sure they'll forgive me.

Congrats to you both, and Debbie, thanks for marrying Mike despite meeting the rest of us. Welcome to the family!