Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Always Did Like Valentine's Day

Last February 14, Clint called me at work and asked if I could cut out a little early to meet him at his parent's bank; he needed a witness to sign some trust papers. We were in the middle of a minor snow storm, and leaving--and getting home--early sounded good to me anyway.

I trudged out into it then; the snow was coming down faster than bank maintenance could keep up, so I pulled into a parking lot piled with about 4 inches of snow. I spotted Clint's truck and tried to grab a spot next to him but none were available. I ended up exiting the lot, going back around, parking farther away, and scuffling up to the bank door in snow up to my shins.

As I approached the door, Clint called me over to his truck. "Hey! Come over here and give me a kiss! Remember what happened here 8 years ago?" 

I did remember. I had parked in that space 8 years ago for our class reunion ice breaker, and we were among the few that chatted until the very end. Clint and I grew up together and were close friends in junior high and high school. Well, as close as awkward junior-high kids could be; he was my racing buddy, my friend I invited to come to the track every weekend when Dad raced. My sister and I were allowed one friend each, and he was mine.

We reminisced until Bunny's closed the door at 2 a.m., and Clint chivalrously walked me back to my car, a block away from his own, and kissed me goodnight at my car door.

8 years ago. Our first kiss in the bank parking lot.

This Valentine's Day we stood in the slush and the snow, hugging, while Clint remembered: "Our first kiss. I waited 30 years to do that."

The next thing I knew, still holding my hand, he was down on one knee, getting soaked to the skin, pulling out a ring-sized box he made himself, and from it, this very beautiful ring, and he asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course, and he put that beautiful ring on my finger.

Then he pulled himself up out of the slush, pulled another ring out of his pocket, and said "Since you said yes to that one, you might like this one too."


Clint and I were married last Saturday, September 20, on the deck we designed and built together, at our home. All of our children were with us; Son and Grandson Craig and Will stood up with Clint, Daughter Jen and son Brian were on my side, and our son-in-law Bill became ordained to perform the service. 

We are gleeful, and incredibly blessed to have so many loving friends and family!

WooHoo, ya'll!


P.S. There were no papers to sign at that bank.