Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Come 'n get it!


  1. Great picture. I was once fishing with a couple friends when my friend Jim managed to hook one of these bad boys who mistook our catfish bait for something he could take back to the lair. At any rate, after a very impressive struggle, he got it up on the bank. Rose wanted to take it home for her husband; she said he liked to make turtle soup.

    Knowing a little bit about turtles, I picked it up by the tail (just like in the picture) and kept it at arm's length. I asked what we should do with it and Jim said, I think we should let you hold it for a while. Funny, but not the answer I needed. Rose emptied her cooler and we put it in there. Of course, we were then faced with the imperative obligation to drink the remaining beer before it got warm. Rose's husband did indeed clean the turtle, freeze the meat, if you call it meat, and cooked up some wicked gumbo the following winter.

  2. I'll eat anything that has the word "gumbo" tacked on the end. Yumbo!

  3. Granola? How about some caramel and pecans? We'll have TurtleTurtle.

  4. Yuks ..



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