Friday, August 26, 2005

DownTime, Part Deux

Ok, I'm bouncing off the walls here. I caved in after reading that last list of things to do, and have decided to take 1/2 day of vacation. "How did you spend your vacation?" "Sitting in the lobby of Jiffy Lube, and pulling weeds."

So. I've decided to post the funniest of the photos I have on my desktop at work. If you've seen my website these will bore you, check back for original updates tomorrow.

That up there is a bucket of chicken feet. A year or so ago, my friend Princess Poonani and I went to Chicago's Chinatown for lunch. Our only criteria for the restaurant was that there should be no white people in it; we wanted authenticity, baby!

Authenticity we got: A dim sum menu written in chinese, and a waitress we couldn't communicate with. Perfect! Just what we were after. The waitress rolled carts of dim sum around, and served off it it, which made the point-and-eat system more efficient for us. We pointed at several items of questionable origin; mostly doughballs filled with mystery meats. Or mystery vegetables. Or mystery gel.

I digress; we were merrily ready to try anything, until the waitress opened a bamboo bowl filled with deep fried chicken feet. Princess P, having managed to act worldly and composed up until then, suddenly squawked, "CHICKEN FEET? NO!!!"

I am an adventurous diner, folks, but I wasn't even remotely inclined to try eating a chicken's foot. As with frying a turtle, I wouldn't have known where to begin. Is there meat to gnaw off of it, or do you just crunch the entire thing, toenails and all?

We left that restaurant not knowing much more than we had when we went in: we had no idea what I'd ordered or eaten.

We meandered down to a chinese grocer, where chicken feet ingredients were sitting out on the counter, no doubt getting warmer and warmer and growing chicken foot fungus by the minute. I surreptitiously snapped this picture, had it made into a mouse pad, and mailed it the Princess.

The end.

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  1. Yeaahhhh!!! Chicken feet! I am using the afore mentioned mouse pad as I type. Everyone that comes into my cube and takes a gander at my mouse pad, clucks "That, that looks like chicken FEET!???"


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