Thursday, August 11, 2005

A couple of weeks ago, while I sat with friends outside of our favorite coffee spot, a squad car came RACING up and squealing brakes in front of us. A police officer jumped out, and proceeded to chase some into "our" cafe, yelling "Hey partner!!!..." We all sat stunned, wondering which derelict character he could possibly be after.

He returned in seconds with a relatively nice-looking, clean-cut guy wearing black dress pants, a white shirt, black tie. Officer was short with him, demanding to know if he had a weapon.

We sat with our jaws hanging open as several more squad cars pulled up, and the man in custody progressed into a screaming, laughing, violent, hysterical maniac! It didn't take 4 cops very long to drop that guy to the pavement and, literally, hog-tie him, with his feet crossed behind his back.

Oh! Ouch! Very exciting cup of coffee, it was!

And what strikes me most is the various responses to the encounter. Though we were all shocked, and once we knew we were safe, kind of excited about it...I found so many different emotional responses.

The waitress in the coffee shop was turned on: "God, those cops are so hot, I am so horny right now!"

My male friend was most disturbed with the level of violence, the way the cops dropped crazed fellow, even out of necessity and their own safety.

And I myself felt an intense sense of safety and gratitude that there are men out there that really will swooop down out of nowhere, and remove evil from your presence, as if with a broom and dustpan. Ta-DUHhhhhhhhhhhh! As you were folks, as you were; nothing to see here.

I suspect the legal issue was more one of schizophrenia than all out felonious crime; there was rumor of assault elsewhere...but I still felt awfully damned...protected.


  1. You can never judge a person from what he looks and wears .. Judge the person as what he/she only after you speak to them a couple of times.. Not just the first time ... but a few times..


  2. Great description of the event!!

    This had quite an effect on all of us. I was very shocked as well. We were lucky that the cops were there.

    Although - - I have seen this person two or three times since the "incident" and can't seem to figure him out. He always seems nicely dressed, is very calm calm, and has a friend with him.

    This makes the prior incident seem even stranger to me.


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