Thursday, August 25, 2005

Laughing with Strangers...

There is little that elates me more than a random belly-laugh with a complete stranger. A smile and a hello, in these parts, are pleasant and common place, but striking a cord strong enough to share a good guffaw makes me feel happy for days.

I held the door for a very tired looking guy wearing paint-splattered whites, at our local library the other day. He mumbled a thank you, and we went our separate ways.

Afterward, I drove the few blocks to my favorite coffee shop, parked about a block away and walked in. As I approached the shop, there, again was the painter from the library. Upon seeing me, he perked right out of his stupor: "Hello! Hello, how are you?" he said, taking my hand and holding it in his. Well, I was just fine, I told him, and asked the same. He said, yes, he was fine, fine too, and finally "how do I know you?" Amusement began to sink in as I told him "I just held the door for you at the library."

He dropped my hand immediately. "Ohmigod! I do not know you! I am so sorry! I just worked 13 hours and I'm exhausted. I recognized your face from somewhere, and decided to bluff it and pretend I remembered you! I thought maybe I'd seen you at church before." He confession turned to embarrassment, and then delirious giggles, which, under the circumstances, were contagious. We both stood laughing in the street before he moved on.

Trying to save face, he was, and ended up holding a stranger's hand. Hilarious.


  1. Hilarious and really nice. Just makes me feel good reading that.

  2. Wish the world was something like this .. Were people are not as hostile with each other ..


  3. LoL that's way too funny.
    I just got a look from across the couch because I laughed aloud at my computer.. hehe


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