Sunday, September 11, 2005



  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Freshening up the place
    New logo, new column array, same content. I thought the blog needed a little dusting off.
    Hey, great blog! I'm definitely going to bookmark it!

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    Check it out if you get time. :-)

  2. Totally unrelated to 911, but I see you like "I capture a castle". I watched the DVD some time back. Eggs-cellent movie. I wonder whether the book is just as good, or is it better I wonder?

  3. Edina:

    I Capture the Castle is one of the most charming books I've ever read. Dodie Smith is the author, and the only other big story she wrote (I think it's the only other one) was 101 Dalmations.

    I highly recommend the book.


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