Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ok. I have to admit: sometimes, weird, wonderful, out-of-the ordinary events DO cross my path. I had an extraordinary day last Sunday, what with watching kids jump rope, shopping for Mom's new little doggie, and encountering what seemed like more than my fair share of enriching conversation with friends and acquaintances throughout the day.

To top it off, we'd planned a little birthday suare for one of our coffee table luvs, Momo. 28, she was, and we were excited at the prospect of showering her with little toys, and a mini bday cake.

Perfect weather, a full cafe, and a surprising treat: A guitarist and...a guy with a stand-up bass, on the streetcorner; an impromptu concert, and they were quite talented. Someone eventually sent them drinks, and due to city code, they were forced to our table.

What dumb luck! An entire 2-man band that just happened to take requests, and that just happened to know the song "Happy Birthday." Were the stars not in perfect alignment?!! Momo got a sidewalk serenade and a little applause, and wasn't that a fun surprise treat for the evening?

And, kids, the boys in the band were there for a bigger cause: Singing their hearts out to raise money for Katrina victims and the red cross. I love that they bothered. It was a sweet night for us here, in Champaign, Illinois, and I had to give pause to recognize and appreciate it, while so many are suffering right now.

"Count your blessings," Mama always said, and we were certainly inundated with them Sunday evening.

American Red Cross


  1. you won't ever forget that day! what a memorable experience. You've shared it eloquently.

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  3. Anonymous8:21 AM

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  4. Sounds like fun. Paul Kotheimer ( is one of my favorite local folk artists. He is great!

  5. Awwwwwww....

    I'm as touched by reading your blog as I was that night.

    To think how blessed I am to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends.

    And to think of those good people out schlepping for a good cause. I admire them.

  6. Sharif: Paul Kotheimer--is that who's pictured here on my very own blog? I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but I never did catch these guys' names.

  7. Sharif11:08 PM

    Yes, he is the guy who is playing the guitar. his website.


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