Tuesday, September 20, 2005


How many Asian dishes does a girl have to ruin before she stops dousing it with Worcestershire, instead of soy, in the middle of the cooking procedure?

Perhaps either Kikkoman or Lea & Perrins would agree to change the shape of their bottles, to save me the trouble of reading a label?

I am having worcestershire-sesame beef for dinner. Join me.


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  2. Why would anyone have worcestshire sauce in the house??
    ughhhhhhhhhhh to your aurghhhhhhh

  3. Well, you have to have it for the whiskey marinade, and the jambalaya!

    But not the sesame beef or the basil friend rice.

  4. So that is what you do to your friends... put them in your "basil friend rice"!!! geez, sounds a little bit like "arsenic and old lace" ;-)

  5. Oh, ha ha. Come for dinnnnnneerrr, little girl....


    Hannibal Lechter

  6. Bloody Mary's just don't taste the same without a dash of worcestshire!

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  9. I really like Worsh-sh-sh-shcestershire [imagine me saying that]. I might have even liked it in the sesame beef. You can cook for me anytime!! :0)

  10. Hmmm worcy sauce in chinese......

    I think I will pass on it, however I have to give you credit for going ahead and eating it anyway :-)

  11. Hey, a girl on a budget has to fix any gruel she whips up, whether she ruins it or not.

    Y'know, nothing tastes that bad if you rinse it down with enough cheap wine.


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