Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You go, girl!

Pictured above is Aisha Tyler, in an article about photographic digital enhancement, in last month's Glamour magazine. The notes may be difficult to read here, but you get the idea: slim down her arms, legs, hips, pretty up her hair, and pump up those breasts.

We all know that what you see isn't what you get, in magazines and on television, and this article is a good depiction. The magazine admits to going overboard, but they wanted to portray the extremes they'll go to, to present what is required of us to appear "beautiful."

And we, as strong, intelligent, feminist women, claim to be against the media for constantly shoving unrealistic ideals down our throats. Women are starving themselves, spending exorbitant prices on anti-aging serums, and cutting up their faces and bodies to achieve these standards.

We declare it ridiculous. We will fight to the end for every woman's right to be comfortable in her body, and to age gracefully, and to be respected for it.

And then we turn around and act like backstabbing bitches to each other.

It was recently suggested to one of my best friends, age 40, and in fantastic shape, that she's surpassed the age in which it was appropriate to wear the black halter top she'd purchased for her trip to Vegas.

Another acquaintance of mine pointed out a young woman with an extra 15 pounds, suggesting that perhaps low-rise jeans shouldn't have been her choice today.

On and on it goes, ladies; you've heard it, and you know it.

It just grates on me. I think Princess can wear any top she wants, AND that she'll look fantastic in it, and that the girl with the few extra pounds and the low rise jeans is probably a hell of a lot more secure and happy with her body than her critic ever will be.

We can not go around criticizing and making fun of each other, and at the same time maintain our belief that we can be beautiful at any age, or weight. It may be slightly (or grossly) out of context, but we are outraged when a victim of sexual violence is accused of "asking for it" because she chose the little black skirt for her Friday night outing. "A woman should be able to wear anything she wants," we stomp and scream.

Yes, she should.

Pick one, then. If you DO believe that we have a right to choose our own styles, to feel good in them, to feel good about our bodies, our aging faces and sagging bottoms, if you believe that personality, humor, kindness, and warmth are larger factors in determining grace and beauty than a surgically-enhanced eyebrow and a lifted buttock...

...then choose your stance, and stop rolling your eyes.


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

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  2. Let me tell you, this princess pulled off that halter top! However, I'm guilty of this too. I wouldn't tell my friends that they are beyond an age (or weight) to wear something. I certainly have commented about the noticable roll hanging over the bathing suit bottom at the beach all the while secretly wishing I had the nerve to show some skin at the beach. Well, no more! Put on that halter top, sister!

  3. I find a lot of women in NYC are like that. A lot. Trying to socialize here is hell.

  4. My husband always says: "A girl ain't pretty until a man tells her she's pretty."

    I try to live my life by that.


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