Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Must See!

Photo Credit goes to Evelyn, whose name isn't really Evelyn
and who never gave me permission to post his photo.


My favorite season is here! I love this time of the year. The cool, crisp, air is so inviting after inhaling summer's stifling humid steam. The colors, smell, and sounds of the leaves. Opening all of the windows in the house, letting fresh autumn breeze blow through, blow out the staleness of 2 months of A/C. (No A/C & no furnace running means tiny little power bills, yayyyy!!)

Pulling out cozy sweatshirts and fuzzy socks, and lighting candles in the evenings. Replacing summer salads with big pots of steaming soups and chili's.

We tend to complain when autumn gets here, because winter is coming. Prepare for winter, batten down the hatches. Never get warm. Can't sit outside. Shoveling snow. Holiday bills...

Och! 3 months away, winter! Let's cross that bridge when we get to it! Get ye outside! Take a walk! Watch the squirrels gather nuts! Watch the birds fly south! Take a hike! Take a photo! Find some hot apple cider! Go to a festival! Carve a pumpkin! Drag your feet through crunchy leaves! Pick up and bring home a pretty one!

Oh, just don't miss it!


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Beautiful picture!

    Cooking hearty food all Sunday afternoon while football plays in the background, wrapping your hands around a steaming cup of hot chocolate, the end of crickets, and the start of a heavy comforter pulled up around your ears.

    As much as I despise winter, I will certainly miss fall and all the fall rituals in SoCal.

  2. The crickets are still singing here, and I love to listen to them.

    I do NOT like the spiders moving in, to warm their 8 little legs.

  3. Yeah. I hate the ones with BIG legs. They try on all my socks while I'm at work.

  4. Mine seem to like my high heels and stockings. Trollops!

  5. Well, you live in Hollywood; half of them are female-impersonator spiders, taking little spider hormones that work so well that you can't tell the difference.

  6. We seem to have gotten off the autumn track.

  7. ...and those spiders often wear their autumn sweaters and cook big pots of chili while watching football.

    Back on track!

  8. What is up with me today? Your blog made me want to cry. How poetic...

    Fall is definitely exciting. Sweaters and warm clothes - everything you so eloquently stated.

    I will try not to wish it away.

  9. Greta photo and I am also a fan of the fall. I love the chance to put on fleece and flannel. lol

  10. I absolutely adore this picture. Honest!! One of those pictures which make you smile and dream...of the perfect day. I can almost smell the leaves. *sniff*


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