Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Art Night

Art Night tonight. Two were down and out with strep throat (awww) so we only had 4 in attendance, including me.

I had to wrack my brain and read up to find a new project, so tonight we tried oil pastels and turpentine. Actually I found an odorless turpentine substitute called turpinoid, that seemed a little less toxic, and at least wouldn't smell up the house.

I love the results, and the kids were just as thrilled with their work too. We were an excited lot at the end of our hour.

I'm not putting their real names in the net, so I've let them choose their own blog ID's. C-Dog and MadGirl have already (supervised-ly) posted on other entries they were highlighted in. The remaining 3 picked their names tonight.

So, Rolecall =

C-Dog (who is 10 almost 11, not 9)

Names subject to change anytime they wish.


  1. Amazing painting ..


  2. The kids paint very well! (Of course, they have a great teacher.)

    I like the term "turpinoid". I wish we could get any chemical in an odorless form. And for that matter, I wish that anything we wanted to be odorless would come in an odorless form. I'll just keep right on wishing...

  3. I concur, considering the age group there are some talented artists brewing up there. I must have missed it but how did you start this class?

  4. I love, love, love these paintings!

  5. I love the way you put the guys through an art night. It's superb.
    By the way the amount you come ocer it might be easier if you linked to me xx

  6. Thanks, ya'all.

    Momo: "Turpinoid" amuses me too. "oid" should be added to the end of any imitation product, to warn us: Crabmeatoid, cheesoid, cologn-oid.

    Andy: Probably a blog in itself, but a friend's daughter got cool art stuff for her birthday, asked me if I'd teach her to draw, once a week. Her friend joined. Her brother joined. Friend's brother joined. Brother's friend joined. We're officially out of room.

  7. I need art night! Looks like fun.

  8. Ha ha ha... turpinoid sounds like some funky alien name.

    Here's a theme for you to paint: Watched Titanic with the gf last night, and ol' Leonardo DiCaprio was real good at HANDS...

    For some reason, I figured HANDS would be a nice subject to put on paper/canvas.

  9. FMMary: Ok. I'll teach you to...cartoon when I come to L.A.; that's always a big hit with the kiddies.

    Kurious: Hands is a good idea...so is putting out an APB for art ideas! Thanks!

  10. How great. And I love to see adults who enjoy kids. It is frighteningly rare, unfortunately.

  11. Anonymous6:58 AM


    I had to see your pics of the animal memorials, then I saw your pic and your wonderful musings on life. I think you are really hot! I also think I am really married. Keep up the good work.



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