Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today is list(less) day.

1. Here's a poignant blog must-read by Sven; read it, love it, cross your fingers; it may be published in a larger forum. http://svensguide.blogspot.com/2006/01/comprehending-surprising-statistics.html

2. This new blog craaaaacks me up, plus it links to other blogs that craaaaaaaack me up. Check it out: www.tinyoranges.blogspot.com.

3. Tonight is ArtNight for me and the kiddies. Last week someone left in tears, so we're trying again this week, to make graphic shapes using watercolor mask and watercolors. No pressure!

4. Speaking of language barriers, I was busy yakking to Ilaiy last night, listing off all the vitamins I take. For some reason I thought that constituted brilliant conversation. He stopped me when I got to Calcium. Shocked, he was shocked! He asked me, "what in the heck do you take cow semen for?"

5. 2 weeks ago I taught the kids to use grid system for drawing. My long term plan for them is to have them design something, transfer it to a larger canvas, paint it, and, if all goes well, put it in a community art show. Here are the drawings that evolved. I'm so proud of them, this was the first time they'd ever tried this!

M, Age 12. Dinosaur.

K, Age 10. Polar bear

C, Age 9. Chili peppers
[Uh, age correction in comments, from C-dog. My bad.]

J, Age 6. Iguana
[Another age cx. Oops.]


  1. I would, very seriously, hang the iguana in my home. The expression is Priceless.

  2. He'll be thrilled when I tell him of your comment; HE was the one left in tears after last week's fiasco.

    Good news, I'd told him if we tried it one more time, we'd get it right, and we DID; tonight's watercolor came out good, and he ran 'round the house saying "it worked! it worked!"


  3. What alot of clever clogs, you make me very envious x

  4. You need to your lessons my way. P. would love it. Too bad we can't join in.

  5. Oops! You need to send your lessons my way.LOL

  6. I love this...the kids' work is awesome! (and I like the blog recos!)

  7. Hey L - I hope all is well.

  8. shannon2:08 PM

    I adore your blog. Now if I can only find a way to link it to my friends list on LiveJournal. I'm probably not that smart.

    The tinyoranges chick is funny too.

  9. Thanks for the help with posting my picture on my website. Now that I know what to do it seems so simple but I never would've figured it out. The kids' artwork is great. I hope my own little one has inherited some artistic talent, but no matter what I will probably think all of her work is magnificent!!!

  10. I can't believe I missed this blog!!
    It is HILARIMOUS!!

    I found the tinyoranges blog extremely entertaining. The Ilaiy cow semen comment made me laugh out loud! Ha!!!

    And the kids' artwork if fabulous! Way better than what I could do - but I guess that's not a standard to judge it by...

    great job kids!!!

  11. Hi Everyone: I've alerted all mommies to let their kiddies know how much you enjoyed their works; it means a lot to them!

    Shannon: Hi Shannon! I can't believe you used your real name; what are you trying to get us both fired?!! :-D

    Starfairie: YAY, you did it! Hold on to all that cool refrigerator art!

    Momo: Finally someone thought the cowsemen was funny; that just killed me!

  12. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Okay....so I read the blog....of course, because my children were a feature, but also because I love the Sushi lady. I get to the part about the cow semen and I hopo'd. Couldn't help it.

  13. Hey!

    I just wanted to say thanks for linking to my blog - I'm very flattered and glad you enjoyed it.

    Oh, and the iguana rocks!


  14. Oh thank God, it wasn't you that left in tears!

  15. C-dog4:07 PM

    Lori i'm not 9 i'm 10 almost 11


  16. Uh-oh, I'm in big trouble next Tuesday night!

    I stand corrected folks, C is 10, and also J is 7, not 6.

    That's what happens when you get into your ripe old 40's: You can't remember numbers anymore.


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