Sunday, February 12, 2006

Korean Ginseng Drink

Momo and I did a quick run to The Green Onion, a local asian grocer, on Saturday night, to pick up one little ingredient. We ended up filling our basket with cookies and candies and newfangled beverages to try.

This was MY beverage: Korean Ginseng Drink. Doesn't it look exotic and exciting!! It has an entire ginseng root right inside! That might be pretty tasty.

I was right! It WAS tasty! I tasted just like a bottle of water that had some stinky root rotting away inside of it for god-knows-how-long, with undertones of potting soil. And pond scum. I tried 2 sips of it, and both times the hair rose on my skin; I had goosebumps for a solid 2 minutes after each sip. I have them now, just writing about it.

So, my final advice is: You should try it, because then you can say you have.


  1. Well I have tried it with Tea and it is pretty good ..


  2. Sounds appealing! I'm running out right now to get some. Oh, wait, the roads are icy. I guess I'll have to go a little later....

  3. I concur with GNG on this "tasty" beverage. It had a potting soil/pond scum/algae flavor. Not incredibly strong - just not appealing.

    But - we tried it! Yay for us!!

  4. O.....Kay then. I think I'll take a big Ol' pass ifn ya don't mind.
    "OH GOD THAT SMELLS HORRBLE! Here, smell it..."

  5. There's just something about a bottle of liquid with something organic floating in it that always turns my stomach.

  6. Ilaiy: As you can see, I have almost an entire bottle left of it; it's yours now.

    Wendy: In light of the current weather situation in Wendyville, I will get in my helicopter and airlift your ginseng juice to you. Show up in your white boots.

    Momo: Sushi for you, next.

    Andy: Now, Andy, I never said it was HORRIBLE. In ginseng scum defense, it didn't trigger a gag reflex, like a pickled beet does.

  7. Charles: Then you'll love this news item:

  8. What I can't believe is that you actually DRANK THIS.


  9. I love to try new things, but in this case, your fantastic description is more than enough. You're a blast!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Hot Chik!

  10. Happy Valentine's day doll x

  11. I do a lot of things just to say I have done them. I actually may have to try this for that very reason.

  12. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I can believe she drank it.....but dont let her do the ol'"I'll give ya a buck if you try it" ....she'll cheat you outta 50 cents.

  13. Oh, you're so anonymous!

    I REITERATE: The DEAL was: One black olive, one dollar.

    You spit out one half. Probably right on my clean countertop.

    I am a shrewd, shrewd businessman, missy, and don't you forget it!

  14. haha--i'm almost embarrased to admit but i actually like that drink. kind of earthy, but i also drink wheatgrass juice...

  15. Wheatgrass!

    I'm trying it!

  16. Wheatgrass juice is pure evil. I tried some once at Whole Foods Market. The guy was all, "This is so delicious and it's terrific FOR you!" It tasted like lawn. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours.

  17. You wusses! Hehe!

    I've not tried this particular brand, but I do drink Ginseng tea. It has many health benefits - anti-stress, keeps your mind alert, and has been used in Chinese (and Native American) medicine for centuries. I guess the effects are similar to caffeine, but without the bad press!

    You make the tea by infusing thin slices of ginseng, in boiling water, then a little honey for taste. The result is a lightly sweet, slightly bitter hot drink. Which is how you could describe coffee. ;-) Drinking it hot really makes a difference. The taste changes when it goes cold, and becomes less palatable.

    But, it shouldn't taste of potting soil, or scum etc. Not sure why the bottled stuff does. Maybe the amount of time it's been sitting on the shelf?! Maybe it's marketed to the hardcore Korean drinkers?

    For those of you who'd like to give it a try, you'll be able to find dried ginseng from any local Chinatown. Go for the already sliced stuff, or it'll take you hours to infuse a whole root!!

  18. Mark, I hereby promise to try fresh ginseng tea, made as you instructed; I have no doubt it will be better than the bottled stuff...I like ginger and lemon and other fresh teas.

    Good to know the soil/scum taste was wrong; something about this stuff just seemed...evil. Wrong. I'll do it your way.

  19. Cool! If you like ginger tea, you'll probably like ginseng tea. Though start off using only a few slices/flakes, and see what you think. It's a matter of personal taste so best not to go too strong to begin with.

    Actually, you've given me an idea gnightgirl! I'll do a 'Teas' post on my blog. There are quite a few strange-but-they-work tea combos I've found in HK.


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