Sunday, February 05, 2006

You're It: A BlogTag of a Different Sort

Score! I finally found throw pillows that met my strict throw-pillow criteria: soft & cozy (usable!), and just the right shade of red—not maroon or orange. I'll confess right now: Savoy Walmart (screaming kid capital of the world). $7.88. I went in for onions. I came out with onions and pillows.

Look at the picture:

And this close up:

The tags, you notice, are sewn right into the pillow's seam.

Here's my second confession of the day: There are some areas in which I am not home-makerly expertised. I cannot get a floor clean with just a mop. I'm not that good at arranging furniture.

I cannot remove a tag.

Look, there HAS to be a secret to this! What idiots would sew the tag right into the seam?!!! I contemplated my new pillow for some time. I thought, "I cannot possibly tear this tag from this pillow without tearing open the seam."

I weighed my choices then: I can cut this tag veryvery close to the seam. Then I'm going to end up with an unsightly white strip-o-tag, that I will NEVER get out! That's crazy! I know! They have surely sewn in some break-away tag. There's a perforation just within the seam! Yeah! They are geniuses, and all I have to do is give these tags (there are 2 sewn in here) a good hard yank, just SO....

Doh!!!! DOOOOH! Did I say Doh! Well, that's not really what I said, let me tell you.

Look, I can't remove a tag from a pillow, a t-shirt, a mattress, or a wash towel.

I have, ONCE in my life, successfully cut an itchy tag out of the back of my a shirt while I was still was wearing it. Now it's my poor-man's gambling addiction, the thrill of the adventure: CAN I cut the next tag out of my shirt while I'm sitting at my desk in my cubicle? C'MON LUCKY SEVEN!! COME TO MAMA!

Hell no, I can't do it, how many shirts to I have to nip holes into the collar before I figure that out?!! I need a 12-step program.

So I'm left with the pillow that needs some stitching, and one pillow left with the tag. I could just deal with the Minnie Pearl look, but I'm sending out a plea:



  1. you need a seam-ripper! don't you remember home-ec? I'll send you one, if you'd like. Then you can rip the threads you want and not the ones you don't. it's quite an art!

  2. Wendy: Oh yeah, I remember Home-Ec all right: Junior high, and the ugliest gray-purple jumper WITH A ZIPPER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, that I had to wear to school to get the grade. Thanks for reminding me, and can't I just mail my leftover pillow to you?

  3. Alas, where's a seam-ripper when you need one?

    But I seem to be challenged with seam-rippers too....

    I confess I have an insatiable love of cushions too. And an inability to rip the tags off properly too.

    I share your pain. :)

  4. I would NEVER have thought of removing the tag:)Seam ripper?? is that the pincer-like equiptment?

    My solution is : Buy cushion covers. Problem solved. Ta-DAH

  5. Sure send the pillow - I'll fix it :)

  6. All of my pillows still have their tags. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a seam-ripper let alone have any idea how to use one.

  7. I'm a too short-tag-cutter-
    offer, too. I say - THEY (meaning the manufacturer) need a better pricing system. Maybe a sticker (not too sticky to goo up your pillow, but just sticky enough to stick for a short while.)

  8. I am versatile. I use my grandmother's seam ripper or will use teeny tiny scissors to cut the tag too short. I think it's a plot. They sew the tags on in superhuman form, so you rip the seam and have to buy a new pillow.

  9. How annoying ! Why do they put us through these dissapointments :0)

  10. I guess I'm just a lucky ripper, because ripping them out always works for me.


    Are you ripping both tags at the same time? You have to go one at the time and hold your breath!

    Good luck with that second one.

  11. This fascinates me. I thought all women instinctively knew how to do these things! Myself, I'd use fingernail scissors and just carefully trim it really short. It's a pillow. YOu put your head on it. YOu don't like the tiny seam? Put it seam-side down! LOL
    Faling that yes I'd snip the thread at the seam and stich it back up. Carefully LOL - PS
    Loved the wine post but let's face it, isn't all marketing essentially "Buy our useless overpriced crappy product you idiotic, easy-to-mainpulate, bag-of-hair consumer, you!" ???

  12. I just removed such tags from two decorative pillows! I hate tags and especially on things that are beautiful, sitting on my bed! There were three tags all in the same spot. You have to test one at a time, to see which one needs to come off first. I hold the tags very taut with my left hand and rip them off one at a time. This typically works for me, but sometimes there is still left over residue right at the seam and on a dark color it's still ugly. I keep picking at it until it meets my satisfaction! I'm not sure what is worse, white, ugly tags on beautiful pillows or unsightly electrical cords showing. I hate both! Good luck:)


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