Thursday, April 20, 2006

50.4 miles

I have a new friend, neighbor, walking partner. Dana. It seems hard to believe that I met her only 2 weeks ago today, as we have covered a LOT of territory in the last 2 weeks, both topographical and conversational.

Dana was a guest at Rani's going-away party, and, it so happens, a neighbor. We hit it off right away, which, if you meet her, would be no big surprise, as Dana seems to hit it off with everyone right away. That's JUST the kind of person she is.

I was thrilled to have met someone interested in walking, I needed the motivation; I wasn't sure if I would actually crank out TWO WHOLE MILES a day on my own; I'd probably find excuses...

We laced up and hit the street for the first time 11 days ago. We walked clear to the next town, but I admit we live on "the border." An hour-and-45 minutes later, we were wrapping up about 5 miles, by our estimate. We agreed to meet the next day....and every day after that. We've missed 1 or 2, but are determined to keep going.

After a week, I finally mapped out our path. 5.8 miles from the starting point! And we walk to the starting point. Yeesh! No wonder getting out of a chair was so excruciating for the first 3 days of last week.

It got easier by day 4, and it's been a cake-walk since then, save a few rough spots after her personal trainer cracked the whip, and both of our shins (that is, all 4 of our shins) screamed bloody murder after we decided that shiny new shoes would be a good investment.

It's been so fun! We meet up and start yakking our fool female heads off, talking and venting and clucking away until we're home already! We're not even done talking!

Dana is a brilliant conversationalist. She's a African Art History Professor at the university, and has amazing tales of traveling and living in Africa. Not to be outdone, I am wow'ing her with stories of becoming a local celebrity for photographing roadkill. We are quite a match.

She has also taught me a few other very important things, things that all female walkers, runners, and worker-outer's should know. Invaluable tidibits: German women have a term for that chafing that occurs when your thighs rub together while walking or running. (If you have no idea what we're talking about, then you just shut up.) "It's called Wolf," she told me.

Not wanting to risk grammatical faux pas, I asked her please to use it in a sentence. "I've got the wolf," she said. Ohhhh. THE wolf. My mind is a sponge. I pushed on: what's it called if the rash is under your arms? Because it so happens that my t-shirt sleeves have rubbed a wolf on my inner arm, from swinging my arms while I walk.

"That's a coyote," she said, all knowingly. She TOTALLY made that up, but I'm using it anyway. "I have the coyote."

Anyway, we're walking and walking, and we celebrated the 50-mile mark with glasses of cool ice-tea at the snooty wine-shop in our neighborhood, once we determined that they'd let 2 sweaty women frequent their sidewalk cafe.

We've plans to celebrate the 100-mile mark with real live wine. Then we'll be sweaty and drunk, and I imagine it won't be long before Sunsinger Wines incorporates a dress code: No gym shorts, no tennis coyotes.


  1. Fifty. Miles. O. My. God.
    As of today I will have done 16 miles on the treadmill since Easter. I can't imagine 5 miles a day. If I can run 3 it's a miracle.
    Well, it's getting easier but still. My knees! My ankles! Ow!ow! ow!ow!ow! I have a bad case of the wolf myself actually. Had to start wearing underwear. Yes I'm one of those commando types. So you can use Dana's name on the blog now but still no pic? The kitty is cute but that wasn't what I meant LOL
    For HNT I put up a gratuitous flex shot to show my progress. Coming along but a long way to go still. Walk on!

  2. It is always good to have a workout partner. You tend to push each other.

  3. Good for you!! I was on track doing really well with a novice walk/jog program till I had aomse minor foot surgery. Will set me back about 3 weeks, but can't wait to get back at it.

    LMAO @ "the Wolf"!!!

    Cute kitty - yours??

  4. Right on!!! I used to have a walking partner and it made it so much more fun and motivating. She moved away, though, so now it's just back to me and the gym or me and my own walks at home. I don't mind really but it does seem to make the time pass much quicker when there's someone else to chat with. And such an interesting someone!!! How fun for you to have killed so many birds with one stone....
    (By the way, I hate the wolf though thankfully it's gone missing for some time now...and I don't believe I've ever had the coyote but it doesn't sound too fun either)...
    Keep a-goin'!!!

  5. Soon we won't be able to see you guys anymore! All that will be left is tank tops, gym shorts and pretty, smiling faces!

    I really admire you two!

  6. Andy: I hope you're not wearing big old baggy Umbro's while you're commando-ing; please tell me there's a built-in something-or-other. And 16 mi. since Easter is great, that's 4 a day!

    I'll try to get Dana to work the camera!

    Awe: You're right; you don't bow out so much when someone's dressed and waiting for you.

    Nancy: Hope that foot's feeling better soon. The kitty's not mine, one I nabbed off a junk forward e-mail.

    Jay are: Gotta put out an APB for a new partner! As for the coyote, I think you have to have big ol' Gramma arms like mine to get that!

    Momo: You're our offical cheerleader: Be waiting at Sunsinger on 100-mile night! Wear sweats.

  7. I guess you two are doing great!!! Sounds like you distract yourselves from the 'work' that it's all fun!!

  8. Oh, keep the coyote away!

    And cheers, too!

  9. How great! A walking partner and girlfrand! I'm jealous!

    Is boob chafing "puppies"?

  10. They're called werewolves in London.

  11. If you're into photographing road kill, have you seen this one? No parking on the double lines please!

    Keep up the good work with the walking. How about if you got paid for it too!

  12. by the way, I meant to say: GREAT picture! :)

  13. Barry: You're absolutely right; maybe I can get her to talk me through my housework too! You're genius!

    Tai: Coyote ugly!

    PP: ChezBez answers your question for you. Thank you, CB!

    Dogbait: Cute pic, can I use it in next year's xmas card? (I only photographed roadkill once. For the blog. So far.)

    JayAre: Thanks. :-) I've already made a drastic change (in color) to my hair since that pic was taken, so it may update soon.

  14. I too have developed great friendships from walking buddies. One of course is "M", it's how we learned each others stories. I remember that time so fondly. I mostly remember the story time and connecting. The walking was just an extra thing. I guess you could say we walked our way to friendship and sisterhood.

  15. I read your posting on another site about the foster child you took in, who is now a 32 year old, married successful woman.

    Great job!!! Please let her know that if she ever wants to share her insights as a foster care alumni, they will be valued. She's welcome to visit my blog or email me anytime.

    (I'm a 33 year old happily married former foster child myself... The world needs more success stories and I'm committed to advocating for current foster children).

  16. I wish I had a workout partner. It would make it a lot easier to get medical attention when i get cramps and fall to the floor during cardio days.

  17. That is the cutest kitty EVER!!

  18. the new photo is very Susannah York

  19. Oh my ~ I thought I had commented earlier! 50.4 miles. You ladies kick serious butt! Well done. And who says you can't be sweaty during a celebratory glass of wine!

  20. Wolf. How hysterical. Who knew there was a word for that? I almost spit out my coffee :)
    The walking sounds terrific - great way to keep in shape and get away from technology AND bond with a new friend. I admit I'm terribly jealous!

  21. Keep up the good work!! It is great that you are getting some exercise and have gotten a good friend out of it:)

  22. I LOVE the picture:) So cute.


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