Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dear U.S. Army:

Please excuse my son, Brian Jolley, from any further training that involves removing one's gas mask in a chamber filled with gas.

Thank you very much.
Laura Stewart
Think it'll fly?


  1. I think he'll love hearing that read outloud by his commanding officer in front of everyone. lol

  2. You might want to sign that Brian's Mom.

  3. Well, you could always hope it may help, at least a little bit?

    LMAO @ what 'awe' said.

  4. I'm sure it will work. Keep me posted.

  5. It can't hurt. I know it's awful but you'll both get through this.
    And smack that boy for telling you about things like this. Geez!
    Everything's fine mom. Just lots of pushups.

  6. CB: I think pinning it to his shirt would be a nice touch also.

    Awe: Ok, I WILL! And I'll have Brian's Grandma sign it too.

    Nancy: I'm probably going to get my son's butt kicked just blogging such a thing.

    Wendy: Grab your binoculars and come with me: maybe we can get a glimpse of him thru the fence.

    Andy: In his defense, he DID say, "don't worry, we don't do that everyday." I wrote back and told him that I was glad to hear of it AFTER I knew he lived thru it.

  7. I have never heard of such a thing!! How weird!

  8. I'm ready for the reconnaissance mission! Let's go...

  9. Back when I had to deal with such things, we had an agreement that he would tell me *after* it had happened. Sounds like you and Brian entered into that same agreement, even if it was just by default. Hang in!

  10. ai-YAAA!!

    Hope it works!

  11. A friend of mine in the military was once in a gas-mask training exercise. Just then: his appendix burst.

    Hilarity ensued.

    I think it soured him on training exercises in general.

  12. Sometimes the less you know, the greater the peace of mind.....
    I agree with BostonPobble, I think he should tell you about it after the fact.
    But then again - at least he is calling!

  13. My Mom went through the same thing a several years ago and I still have to reassure her all the time that I’m being well cared for; it’s a mom thing you’ll both get used to it. Believe me; me and my friends did plenty more dangerous stuff growing up. I’m sure he was the same way. Also I’m not sure the letter would work but he’d be stronger after the D.I. read it out loud and dropped him for push-ups

  14. Momo: Lets...not try it.

    Wendy: YEAH! grab your black turtleneck and a ski mask!

    BP: It does seem like it was a "by default" position, but I'll bet he knew better than to tell me ahead of time!

    Tai: Hope springs eternal.

    Spidee: "Hilarity ensued"...I'll bet, good lord, what a mess! I can hardly wait to tell Brian THAT story in my next (near-daily) letter to him.

    FMM: Yes. Ignorance is bliss. Tra-la-la! [I'm NOT being flippant]

    J: Thanks for the note, nice to have other mom's on my side. Don't worry, it was merely an "imaginary" letter. Wouldn't it be a hoot if his Drill sargeant found out though? Not.

    Crazy You: I love it too!


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