Saturday, April 29, 2006


The nicest things happen to me.

A few years ago I ran into a familiar face in an antique store. I'd seen him around downtown. He asked me "what do YOU collect?" and we were off chatting about furnishings and decorations. I told him where I hoped to steer my home decor: colorful and retro. And cheap. I've referred to my "style" here before as "Retro-Garrish."

We still run into one another now and again. I've introduced him to several friends, and we always enjoy capturing his attention and listening to his wise ramblings. And, occasionally arguing or debating. And watching him do magic tricks.

What nice thing happened to me then? Last weekend while I yuk-yukked the evening away with friends at the coffee shop, Mr. Familiar Face (whom I have not gotten permission to use his name, hence the mystery) approached my table with a plastic bag in his hand. He said only, "here's a little something for you."

Wasn't I surprised to see the vintage, cherry red, rotary-dial telephone pictured above. God, how do you say thank you?!! I sputtered and gushed, and offered to reimburse him for the find. He waved me off and walked into the sunset, podnah.

I'm still shocked and touched and...grateful. Sometimes I just feel like I live in this little make-a-wish world, and I can only shake my head.

Marcy loaned me her Mike today, who acted as telephone installer for me, and just LOOK at how darned adorable this phone looks in my space! Don't you just LOVE it? It makes me downright giggly!

I have to go now. I gotta go make some cookies or something, and then wander around downtown, looking for A Familiar Face.


  1. army mom2:32 AM

    I hope your son calls you on your new phone on Sunday. Betty

  2. that's why we need a phone date, huh?

    My mom has a red rotary dial phone in the guest bedroom. Jack uses it to call President Bush. (I taught him that when he was smaller. Now that he's four he has sense enough to know that he doesn't even want to SPEAK to President Bush.)

  3. I LOVE IT! It looks absolutely perfect.

  4. Very cool!!! It totally suits the room.

  5. june in florida6:29 PM

    Absolutely beautiful and love your dinette. Btw Shy smiley has a very smart child...June

  6. Hi Betty: Sunday, nearly 7; no call yet, but crossing my fingers.

    SS: Tell Jack to give George a good scolding!

    Wendy: I love it too! I would have hung it there even if hadn't been functional, but it totally is!

    CrazyYou: I know!

    June: Thanks. That dinette table is actually bright green, but it was the perfect size for an odd space.

  7. Whenever Jack pretends to talk on the phone, he says something like, "So you're fired, OK, baby?!"

    Don't ask me where THAT came from, but he's got the right idea for a conversation with The Pres.

  8. That is such a cute phone:) Haven't used one in months. I've my mobile stuck to my ear most days. Horrible habit!!

  9. Thats a pretty phone ..

    Cookies would be thoughtful..


  10. That's a beauty. Reminds me of home. I guess Atef's show went well? Um...also...if it's all the same to you I'd rather be a surrogate DAD. :-) Hope all is well.

  11. Hey, that's cool!
    And it looks great in your lovely clean kitchen.
    My world is like that too, I'm a very lucky girl.

  12. Great pics of that neato-benito telefono!

    I'm glad that Mike could help...

    And - we've got a new jingle:

    "Ace is the place with the dr-u-unk hardward man..."

  13. Journal Jim told me the greatest story about a rotary phone. His then 10 year-old daughter and 8 year-old nephew spotted a rotary phone at a friend's that happened to also be an artist. They had no idea how it worked and thought it was the newest, greatest invention! They tried to press the numbers and couldn't figure out how the dial worked until an old-timer showed (sorry, Babe!) them you had to put your finger in the hole and dial a phone number.

  14. That is SO fantastic! Not only the phone, but in the endearing manner you aquired it. Love it.

    P.S. We had a pink one when I was young, very young. I will never forget it.

  15. love the simple red accents! The phone was a great addition!

  16. Anonymous9:45 AM

    i miss the primary colors of yore. you should have a phone party and let us all experience rotary dialing

  17. That looks very, very, very, very, very, very, very cool in your home.

  18. Tai: Girl, you know full-well that everything outside of that photo frame was an absolute kitchen disaster! Anyway, we lucky girls!

    Momo: I forgot to tell that someone tried to buy my phone in that store!

    PP: A great story; I imagine them in their Wilma Flintstone outfits, trying to figure it out! Dialing an entire number on a rotary phone is incredibly time consuming!

    Nancy: I know. It's sweet all the way around, isn't it?

    BBB: Hi Stephen. Thanks, I like my red stuff.

    Anon: Yore, yore, who of my friends says yore? Ok, I'll have the party, you show up and reveal your anonymous self. Call me!

    JennieT: Thank you very very very very very very much.

  19. i posted anonymously by mistake. i say yore all the time -- like yore fly is open

  20. Hey there!! I love your blog. I have a son in the military who went through gas mask training!! Eeek! When he graduates, you can watch it on a DVD. You really wanna kick butt then. My boy is in South Korea now. It sounded so much better than Iraq. I hope it stays that way.

    Try a sport gliding lube, they have no petroleum so they don't stain your clothes and are DRY. The only thing you will notice is that the wolf / cayote have gone away.

    I am leaving my job to stay home with my new boy, who is 1 yr old now, and whom we will be adopting from Foster/Adopt shortly!! I will check in on your blog. Mine will finally get some much needed attention.
    see ya: MarlaJean


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