Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dances with Momo

I've been crazy-busy for the last 5-6 days. There have been dinner parties and sari's, and trips to Chicago, and Indian food, Italian food, Mandarin food and Greek food, my son's new address is en route via U.S. mail, a strange woman walked up and licked my tattoo when I was showing it to a friend, and this is the first time I've sat down in dayz and dayz.

I have so many new blog-worthy stories, but am numb with exhaustion, I'm copping out, asking you to turn your monitor on its side, and watch this video, taken on some snowy Saturday night at my house.

This is what we do after dinner "and a few" at my house. This was dinner for 3; imagine how much fun it would have been if you all had joined us. It's Marcy (Momo) dancing, and Ilaiy singing along with "My Best Friend's Wedding." I am, conveniently, running the camera, which wasn't really designed for video.

Catch ya latah!


  1. Your friend dances divinely upon your wall.

  2. What a great time we had that night!

    I'd do it all over again! :0)

  3. tell us about the tattoo-licking!!!

  4. Isn't it amazing what seems like a good idea after "a few"? I do, however, agree with Paul ~ what's this about tatoo licking????

  5. Momo, I like your moves girl!

  6. It is a good thing Momo is a good sport!!! haha

    And all this after a few? I wonder what happens after a lot?

  7. How fun is that! And how nice to be a fly on the walll :)

    Now WHO licked your ink? And WHY?

  8. Anonymous5:54 PM

    i sit here and ponder, is licking ones tattoo comperable to, say, licking a toad? you know? hallucinogenic qualities?

    (or so i've heard)

  9. Mahalo for the video concept!

    I took the idea and "ran with it."

    Had some problems with BlogSpot not liking the code, so I "viewed source" on your blog and found what was missing.

    I think I'll try to add 1 video a week, during my weekends, to my blog.

    Again, mahalo for the concept.

  10. Should have this party again ...



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