Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chicago II: Kicked Out of Ladies Accessories in Macy's

We found ourselves at Macy's on Michigan Avenue late in the afternoon. On the way up to the kid's department, we pulled over to check out Ladies Accessories. We were looking at scarves & wraps, but got side-tracked in the hat department. Melissa and Kirstin are looking chic in these floppy hats:

In light of the sub-zero temperatures, Melissa just wanted to cozy up in this one for a second.

As she posed for this one, a hateful voice ring out from the counter some 20 feet away: HEY YOU LADIES! NO TAKING PICTURES!!!

The clerk apparently couldn't be interrupted to walk over and politely request and/or explain the "no taking pictures of hats" policy that she felt obliged to enforce.

I didn't care for that.

So I took her picture.

Seriously, what could Macy's possibly have to gain by this "policy"? Do they fear we'll create own Roadkill Hat Knock-offs, and rob them of precious profits? We weren't in a designer section of the store, we were just kicking around hats and scarves, and crap that will be 70% off in about 10 more days.

No Smiling or Laughing at Macy's, people. Just give them your money and be on your way.


  1. LOL! No taking pictures. Funny stuff. She looks grumpy.

  2. StFarmer7:56 AM

    Lovely. I wonder if she works on commission.

    BTW, great new photo of you. You have the most beautiful dimples.

  3. Love floppy hats. Love revenge pictures. Love the post and the mindset behind it.

  4. People walk around like they have a stick up their butts..she probably has a few hats up there too...

  5. The no pictures policy is Hateful Clerk's, not Macy's. She looks the type who can't bear to see others have a good time. After you snapped her pic did you stick your tongue out at her? I would have.

  6. Wendy: She does look grumpy! Shoppers around us giggled at her, or at us, for getting scolded.

    StF: Could be, commission. It still didn't strike me as a commission/designer section. Shoppers did their own thing and took stuff to the counter, like any old where. And thanks for photo kudos...part of the dressing room shoot.

    Boston Pobble: It WAS fun taking her picture. Crabby thing.

    MaryP: A broom AND a hat up her ass; I'd be grouchy too.

    SSmiley: I was hoping that was the case. I understand there are situations in which photography isn't deemed polite (galleries, art stores, etc). I didn't stick my tongue out, but did say "Hmph!"


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