Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chicago III: (Dressing) Room with a View

Later in the afternoon, when we were wearing down and readying for a chair and a hot chocolate/caffeine somewhere, we found ourselves heading to a dressing room with armloads of dresses and clothes for Kirstin to try on.

Hallelujah: A dressing room with a view, and a cool marble ledge to rest our weary bodies. I myself was dressed for the outdoors, and overheating, with silk long johns, heavy coat, scarf, and gloves. I peeled outerwear and, having the dressing room to ourselves, spread out on the marble to cool off. Sssssssssssizzzle!

While Kirsty got about trying on dresses, we had ourselves a little photo shoot:

Me & Sue:

Kitten Lori:
Demure Melissa:
And our baby Kirsty, after we'd chosen THE dress, which I will not show you here, cuz it's a s'prise!

We had a howling good time in "our" dressing room, walking along the ledge and messing around, laughing and screaming like we owned the place. Oddly enough, no one joined us in that room while we were there, can you imagine?!

Tired when we entered, it was comic relief that cooled us off and energized our spirit; we left giggling and on our way, finally, to:

Hot chocolates, lattes, and a brownie sundae with 4 spoons was enough to move us to the next leg of our trip.


  1. Fun! Love the photos.

  2. Hey! This looks like a lot of fun to me!

    You guys crack me up! Love ALL the poses!

  3. All that happened in a Dressing Room???? To think, all I usually do in dressing rooms is try on clothes. We are in the presence of greatness, here, people.

  4. These posts remind me of my trek to Chicago to help my sister Mandy find a getting-married dress. We bought hers somewhere in Water Tower. We had heaps of fun that day, too. Requirements for her dress: had to cover the tattoo on her ankle and the tattoo over her heart. She looked lovely in the dress we found, which managed to meet the requirements without making her look Victorian. We didn't have near as much fun in the dressing room, though.

  5. Wendy: We did have fun in there; a welcome break from all the power shopping.

    Momo: I mean, we didn't have fun in there...ok. Wish you were there, but you would have haaaaated that weather.

    BP: I hate trying on clothes. When I do, I'm the fastest tryer-onner ever, so I can get it over with. So, fun to be able to use the dressing room as a playground for once.

    ShySmiley: We were in a few other much more snooty, much less fun dressing rooms. Still fun to watch old lady tailors shock the hell out of a 17 year old girl that was trying on a prom gown, by grabbing both of her breast and lifting them, to give her an idea of what a good bra would do for her.

  6. what a fun trip! i love shopping and what a fab dressing room!


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