Saturday, February 17, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I live a pretty cushy life. I wake in a warm house, jump into a car inside of a warm garage, and muck off to work every day, where I sit surrounded by cubicle walls. I leave those walls at 4 or so, drive back home, into my car shelter, and dash back into the house.

It's quite decadent, on harsh winter days. I'm spoiled. I'm protected.

I'm TOO protected. I forget that I can forego fashion (not that I have any sense of it) and pull on ugly-ass galoshes, a warm coat, commit myself to hat-hair for the rest of the day, and get the heck outside.

I did just that today, after working and erranding. I'd intended on settling in, but on a whim, grabbed the camera and exited the premises around 4:30.

Guess what, the nippy air didn't kill me. Not only did it not kill me, but I was reminded how astoundingly beautiful winter can be, and that I miss out by hibernating, shivering, and whining.

As daylight was limited, I only went as far as Meadowbrook Park. I spotted these cuties shortly after I arrived, and was immediately inspired to keep walking.

(Click for an enlarged view)

Marker, by Peter Fagan

The pictures don't do the day any justice. To me, they're just a small reminder not to hunker down too awful much, lest I miss out on something good.

This day was pretty good.


  1. We don’t get winter wonderland here, it was 82 degrees today. Something amiss with the Marker, where are the cellulite, the saddlebag thighs, and the hips?

  2. Great pix! I've tried to take pictures of the naked lady at dawn but don't have anything approaching the quality of yours. Do they have the walkway shoveled or were you going through drifts?

  3. These photos may not do the day justice but they're wonderful nonetheless!

    And hat hair can really suck. I get it too. Luckily I'm a guy so I shouldn't care so much. But I do. :)

  4. AZ: You're right; I'll photoshop some in right away.

    Amishalw: Thanks; I've tried to take her pictures innumerable times, and always come home with nothing. Guess what, I was carrying the big fancy Nikon, but ended up pulling out the pocket point n shoot for this shot. Go figure.

    The paths were cleaned off; I only mucked thru drifts to check out the lookout station on the east end.

    Dan: Yah, I have this weird cowlick in my bangs that goes haywire with a hat; it mysteriously both flattens out AND pokes up.

  5. well you have a very "sporty" winter look glad you enjoyed your day...

    but ummm I think when you stood up on that platform and posed nude you got a little carried away :-0 nice butt though -lol now get back inside before you catch a cold!!

    Go make a warm Ramen Noodle dish to warm ya up!!


  6. I hope you'll be bringing a camera Monday night....

  7. I love the pics.

    I'm guilty of not going outside enough.

    There's always so much darn housework.

    I remember when I was a kid and couldn't wait to get outside. What happened?

  8. I have some warm winter hats I'm very fond of, and this is the only time of year I get to wear them. I've been going on some very lovely winter walks myself lately. Your post may inspire me to put some more photos of those up. (Like in my post called "Misty".)

    Your photos are beautiful. I especially like the one of the statue looking out over the golden field.

  9. I am in neverending awe of your talent. Great pix! Also good blogging lately. I just got caught up.
    It reminds me that I miss you, love you and hope that you are well.
    Rock the heck on witcha bad sef.

  10. Great pics... she says from the warmth of her office.

  11. Gorgeous! I love days like that. It's really refreshing - I sometimes forget how nice it is, too. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Beautiful, really. Any day can be like that - even when it is pouring down rain there is beauty out there waiting for someone to see it.

  13. I LOVE that statue picture...what a statement that makes.

  14. Wow your pictures are gorgeous. Postcard quality. As always a visit to your blog is entertaining.

  15. That Peter Fagan picture is beautiful!!! TFS


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