Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm frickin frizzin.

Oh, and also, if you're interested, I've started a new blog called Back Talkin'. It's at Established for my, what George Carlin would refer to as, Brain Droppings. A line or two here or there that don't constitute an entire entry on this blog. And maybe an occasional haiku. We'll see.


  1. Looks too cold for me. I'll come up and visit sometime when it's warm.

  2. It's remarkably mild here. I want some proper weather! Damn Gulf Stream!

    Oh, and consider yourself tagged.

  3. Nope pass, thanks. I'll stick with the 100 and a plunge in the briny.

    BTW, it's even making news here.

  4. Two weeks ago in NC, the sun was shining and it was over 50 degrees. Then in VA the other day is was raining but about 45 degrees. BOTH places actually apologized to me that the weather wasn't nicer for my visit! It was all I could do not to laugh when I told them that compared to the 15 inches of snow and temperatures around zero at home, I was just about ready to wear shorts and a tank top!

  5. It's cold here too, but not like that! I'll send you some soup...

  6. CB: Yeah, come up when we can sit outside!

    Sveny: Tagged, blogged. It's remarkable SNOWING AGAIN here, grumble grumble.

    dogbait: Good, I'm vindicated, my misery is your news! I'll blog about my ugly boots sometime soon!

    Mal: Hope to see you Monday, girl! I'm sure you were laughing at your interviewers!

    Wendy: Send soup! Bring soup!

    Peek: Monday. Brandy. Check.


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