Friday, February 02, 2007

JumpStart Rambling

Thanks for the Jump, youse guys. I've gotten comments and e-mails, and intend to blog every suggestion I received, starting tonight.

In other news, Champaign Bars and Restaurants are now smoke free. It's been a controversial issue, and I run the risk opening my front door to find a bag of flaming poo onwhen I say this:


Marcy's preggerz as you may know. Since she conceived in October she's sacrified Esquire pizzas and burgers, so that she won't deliver a baby with a second-hand smoker's hack. Hooray, her hiatus is over, and we hit the bar last night, to let her have at it.

Marcy drank ginger ale:

And we, in a show of support, drank ginger ale too.

Big lie. We drank beer.

I myself had something monumental to celebrate yesterday: Here I am. Don't look at me, just look at my shirt:

And here are my socks! Looky! Looky how my sox match my shirt!!!

I know that's not a big deal to some of you folks. Melissa, for instance. Her drawers match her outfit every single day. I purposefully used the word "drawers" because it's the least sexy word I could come up with, and I don't want you thinking about Mel's dainties drawers. Neither does her fiance want you thinking about them. Stop thinking about them!

Anyway Mel folds and irons everything. She and our friend Tony sat at this very table one evening, comparing their OCD habits: their closets, they claim, are organized by color, and length of sleeve!! Their sox and undies folded and alphabetized. Mel changes out her PURSE with every outfit.

I merely sat and listened, wondering how I'd managed to secure a table with a couple of aliens, and what planet they came from. I have BASKETS for that stuff. A sock basket, for instance, and I give myself 3 points if I can toss the socks into the basket from my mental free-throw line, which happens to be wherever I'm standing when I fold the clothes. My a.m. choices, thus, are grab-bag style. I do NOT coordinate sox to clothes.

Well, rarely. If I do, it's worth celebrating.

So, raise your glass to my socks tonight, people. It's Friday!


  1. Love the socks.

    Mel and Tony would have loved my ex-hub. OMG you have never seen closets and drawer like that man's... he actually put his CLEAN FOLDED underwear at the bottom of the pile in his drawer so they would rotate evenly. Same for his stacks BY COLOR of socks. His closet - matching hangers spaced evenly and in color spectrums. (Sorry, this is taking me to a bad place!)

    At any rate - thrilled Marcy can hang out at Esquire again.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Mel and Tony are my kind of people!! My CDs were alphabetised (of course) before I mp3'd them all. As for the closets - well, the less said the better.

    Good news on the smoke-free though! It's the future!

  3. Damn I thought I had OCD but clearly I don't!! I do organize my closet by color and then short and long sleeve...but how in the world do you do undies and socks by alaphabet...please advise!!!

  4. Yes, thank goodness it's Friday! I'm diggin' the shirt and matching socks. :)

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    oh my! Did I ever read your "monumental thing to celebrate" el wrong-o! I followed your very clear instructions: I did not look at you; I looked at your shirt, and I noticed the color (what else was I supposed to notice?), then I looked at your socks; hhhmmm, the same color. I did not find it at all extraordinary that they matched (I always match drawers, socks, outfits, earrings, accessories, etc...). So what did I ever-so-wrongly think? Here goes: The color purple/lavender has associations with sexual preference. So, when you pointed out your shirt and your socks, all I noticed was lavender. I think the somewhat underground symbolism of colors (which color is worn with what on what day!) is very interesting, though I only know the very basics. And I do not follow the rules: that is, I have no idea what my green/turquoise sweater means today. Anyway, thanks for showing me my misinterpretation!

  6. Alphabetized undies as in:


    or as in:


  7. Um, first the Blind Pig and now the Esquire (me and you there on the same nights without planning it or actually seeing and talking to one another). Are you following me? :)


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