Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CU Blogger Bash: Wrap Up

The CU Blogger Bash at Crane Alley was a blast last night. Attendance was high and laughter was loud. I had a great time, I think everyone did. I met a few people, and have a few new blogs to put on my Blogroll. Conversation was varied and interesting: we hashed out politics, pregnancies, and pedicures, to name but a few. Illini Pundit summed the evening up well when he said "this wasn't nearly as geeky as I expected it to be."

For more of a report, go check out Gamera's blog.

Momo, Woof, Prairie Biker

Mrs. Cake, Matt

Maladjusted, Gnightgirl


Gamera, Illini Pundit

Woof's mini screwdriver

In attendance:

Prairie Biker, of Lone Tree on the Prairie
Momo, of Cat People
Woof, from Me First
Moon_grrl, from Frogs and Crowbars
Gamera, from Gamera Gabs
Jonathan from Analog Periphery
Matthew, from It's Matt's World
Ashley, from Out of the Forest;
Gordy, from IlliniPundit,
Jason Barickman, from Illini Pundit
John Farney, from Illini Pundit from IP
Mrs. Cake from My Pet Goat

If we missed anyone, get in touch!


  1. Goodness, a picture where I'm not all wonky eyed and fat. You're incredible! Great fun last night, and glad I got to sit by you and chat. Looking forward to a future girl's night out!

  2. Wally "the Fen" Fenwick9:18 AM


  3. Thanks for the taking photos to capture the event. It was a lot of fun. We should definitely do it again some time. :-)

  4. I can't believe that you didn't invite me. Is it because I'm in NYC? Erm...and that I'm a total stranger?

    I'm thinking it's both. ;)

  5. Mal: That made me laugh; though I delete all wonky-eyed photos of everyone, out of polite consideration.

    Wally: ;-P

    IP: Can hardly wait til next time!

    Matthew: Hoped that camera wasn't annoying folx!

    Joe: You WERE invited; you're ALWAYS invited!

  6. I'm so jealous!
    Sounds like a blast...

  7. Hmmm...me and IP have devil eyes....

  8. The pictures show smiley faces all around. I wish I could have made it. Logistically a tad impossible.Happy chinese new year.. Its the year of the boar. Apparently a GREAT year for everyone.

  9. Gamera! A nasty, stinking, horrible, instant death from ETS, illegal cigarette in your hand! Oh, the humanity!


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