Friday, February 09, 2007


You'd think that for as many years as I've been filling fountain pens, this would never happen:

A little goes a long way. At least that's my favorite color, Private Reserve's "Blue Suede."

Tanzanite's my other favorite color. Oh, and my discontinued Hot Bubble Gum Pink, I love that one. Orange Crush is also lovely; it's orange and crushy. I see they have a new color called Purple Mojo; that looks cool too.

Ok. Another day comes to an end; I'm off to Chicago in the morning to get away from it all for a day. Yay, yay, yay! See you soon!


  1. Nice colour and I love the pen. Is it your favourite?

  2. My favourite subject: stationery! Lake Placid Blue is something special, and Dakota Red looks pretty hot too. I must get my fountain pen out more: I've grown a bit too dependent on the ballpoint of late...

  3. Chicago!? Bundle up! Have fun. I always go to Rosebud on Rush for martinis and the best bread/olive oil dip. If you've never been, stop in for a visit! 720 North Rush Street, the southwest corner of Rush Street and Superior.

  4. So U got ink on your hands.... Uh, is that a big deal?

  5. That sucks!! Pretty funny though.

  6. Enchanted: It's one of my fav's; an inexpensive waterman that works come hell or high water.

    Sveny: That fountain pen always makes me feel nice; I admired the dakota red also.

    Wendy: Lordy, it was cold; didn't make it to Rush, but maybe next time!

    Barry: No big deal, I guess. I'm just trying to get as good at this as the guys in the fancy-pants pen shops that never seems to spill a drop of ink. I can't imagine trying to sell someone a pen, with as little proficiency I have at filling.

    CrazyYou: Some day I'll get that right...or wear rubber gloves.

  7. Working in a preschool, I sometimes go a little nuts with the art supplies and regularly end up with my hands dyed blue like a Smurfs.

    Heh, we're both just colourful types I guess. :)

    Have a great time in Chicago!


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