Thursday, March 01, 2007

More on CU Blogger Bash

I don't usually pay that much attention to my sitemeter; the world map is interesting, and the referrals link shows me what random searches turn up my blog. Funny that "Russian Oil Pulling," something I made fun of a year ago, brings the most random readers to my blog, followed by "Pier 1 Asian Spice Candles." Seems there are hundreds of people still looking for that discontinued scent.

So here's an interesting spike in my blog activity: February 20. 700 page views, as opposed to the average 283! Zowzers!

The last time I had a spike like that was when my blog was noted in the News Gazette. Interesting thing was that then my hits weren't a result of the NG Article at all, but from a local UI student with a crazy-popular blog. He referred to the NG article, and linked to mine. I had coat-tail hits.

What in the heckity heck made me so suddenly popular last Tuesday morning, then?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Six degrees of the CU Bloggers. Everyone that was at the Blogger Bash wrote about it, and those that read theirs read mine.

Hence, Whh-heeeeee, an off-the-charts site meter reading, for me, a lowly community blogger.

Rubbin' elbows.


Thanks, you CU Bloggers! You've got the Midas touch!


  1. What is this site meter called, and is it possible to get it online (for free)?

  2. WOWEEEE! You're FAMOUS!


  3. Herb:, free, free, free!

    Janet: My 15 minutes is up, I'm afraid. What a ride!

  4. shannon10:28 AM

    your blog was mentioned in the NG?


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