Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just call me Flo-Lo

Time for a new haircut; I arranged to have my hair cut in the same place Mel gets hers cut; her hair always looks great. Her hairdresser was unavailable, so I made an appointment with someone else there. Then the someone else had an emergency, so I got someone else altogether.

I was prepared though. I printed out a picture of what I was after, and gave it to my hairdresser. Here's what I wanted:

Cute, huh? My hairdresser cut my hair, with a razor, with me facing AWAY from the mirror. I couldn't help thinking that what was going on didn't "feel" like the haircut I'd asked for. Imagine my surprise when she swung me around and showed me the results:








Let's Review:

I have to admit I panicked. It just wasn't what I had in mind.

I called Melissa the second I walked out the door. "I'm Carol Brady!!"

Even though she hadn't seen my hair, she insisted, "you are not!"

Yes, yes I am, I'm Carol Brady. I have to get up and give a toast at your wedding in two weeks, and I'm Carol Brady! "No way!" she said.

Way! See?

A few bangs and a flippy up, and we're practically twins!

Holy crap. I drove home as fast I could, took my second shower of the day, and got right about molding my new haircut into something more like I wanted. Lots and LOTS of goo, and curling iron time, and hair spray and bees-wax later, and I ended up:

Ok. Tolerable. I can deal. So much for sleeping until the last minute before I go to work though. Some Assembly required on this do.


I guess it could have been worse.


Melissa and her clan just sang The Brady Bunch Theme song to me, over the phone.
I love my friends.


  1. OMG, I would have died ... it's obvious YOU make the better stylist! The "after" (you styled it) looks terrific on you.

  2. I would have freaked out, too! I always have to go home and refix my hair though. It looks like she cut it right but couldn't finish it. You're version looks great! (Good photoshop on your flips and bangs, by the way.)


  3. BAW-HA-HA-HA!!!!

    I think I would have needed a Depends if I turned around and saw that....

    Nice after shot, though. It looks good!

  4. Hi ! I surfed over from Nancy's site. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh. Like, OMG your hair was NOTHING like the photo. But you did a great job of it yourself. You have fabulous bangs btw. I have a widow's peak and can never get them straight.

  5. looks great! have a good one carol!

  6. Nancy: I'm not usually one for "doing" my hair; but drastic times, drastic measures.

    Laurie: She told me, on my way out, that I looked a lot more "updated" than I did when I came in.

    Gamera: Depends would have been a good idea; I just sat there squeaking, "umm..."

    Andrea: Yeah a long way off from what I was after; I wonder if she thinks she really delivered, or if she was happy to have me go without a fight..

    Andy: I'll be Carol, you be Mike.

  7. Anonymous6:37 PM

    What do you mean it could have been worse?!!! Remember, Alice was the one that held the Brady family together. Even Carol Brady didn't know her husband was gay.


  8. Melissa7:12 PM

    I hate to admit I LAUGHED TEARS! Loads and loads of tears. I'm feel guilty as heck, this is the place I get my hair done (by someone else of course). Your next hair cut is on me!!! Love ya!

  9. Anonymous12:37 AM

    wow!!! after seeing your gorgeous, golden locks tonight, i would have NEVER imagined the transformation you miraculously created out of the stylist's ef-up! you made your hair look just like the hair in the picture you brought in. I truthfuly did NOT believe you when you told me that you had a bad hair-cut! "Bad" is an understatment, yet you looked like a zillion bucks tonight. great seeing you! dana (i am anonymous because i forgot my user name).

  10. SSW: Ignorance is bliss, but a bad haircut is STILL a bad haircut. Carol was blind.

    Melissa: I have since been serenaded by your lot. I'm actually comforted and vindicated by you hands-down agree-ance! Here's a story....

    Dana: weird evening, with me proclaiming "no, this really IS a bad cut..." Hm. a bit of insecurity on my part. Nice to see you again.

  11. ahhhhhh, Carol Brady.

    The subject of many a youthful fantasy.


  12. Oh Holy Beejeezus! How did you manage not to cry &/or cause a scene at the salon? You are a Far Better Woman than I. TTG you are also a Far Better stylist than I because there is no way I could manage to look as good as you do now you are styling it yourself.

  13. LOL - did you trip over the stylist's guide-dog whilst staring at her hearing aid? You made an excellent recovery though - you did a far better job than she did. At least she cut your hair though! The last time I went for a haircut I told him I wanted it all off and then had a fifteen minute fight with him and three other stylists about it: we settled for a "heavy trim", and I still came out with more than I wanted!

  14. LMAO! You look great after you styled it. You are an artiste!

  15. StFarmer7:47 AM

    Oh my!

    Did you tip her?

  16. That is just bizarre... and you'll definitely have to get up early, 'cause the Brady look? Not so much.

  17. Prairie Biker: So, I just gotta work my Wessonality, you're saying?

    BP: I don't "do" my hair; it's very painful procedure, though it doesn't take that long; I'm just styling against gravity now! aurgh!

    Sveny: You can't help it you have such stunning locks that no one can bear to cut them!

    Wendy: Isn't it AWFUL? I've gotta see how hot rollers work...

    Stfarmer: It totally slipped my mind that I DID tip her!!! Sheer habit, ohhhhh, do over, do over!

    Jade: LOL. I love it that not ONE person has said "awww, it's not that bad..." Not so much is right!

  18. Lol!!! I know the feeling...I've asked for a short pixie and ended up looking like I was joining Brian in Boot Camp....

    But after the primping and bowls of goo...I like the look....

    did you tip the stylist?

  19. You just can't underestimate the awfulness of a bad time with a hairdresser.

    More than fifteen years later I can still remember the trauma of a haircut so bad my mom GROUNDED me when she thought I'd gotten it cut that way on purpose. Only an apologetic phonecall from the hairdresser herself saved me.

    Nothing like getting a punk mullet to boost a teenage girl's fragile self-worth. :)

    By the way, you did a remarkable styling job!

  20. I finally just saw it in person! It looks good! :)


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