Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Week #1

Moving Forward, But Still a Little Unglued

Here's Lathrop and Jolley, at a gas station in Metropolis. I think that's in Illinois, the trip is a bit of a blur to me now.

Brian has called twice since their arrival in Kuwait. As I've indicated before, each time I hear from him, I unconsciously grab a pen and start taking notes. Today's scratch paper reads "Bradleys, dust, memory card, radios, Ginny sends love."

So. They were assigned their Bradley's today. I learned last week that a Bradley is a tank. He was assigned his tank today. Someone hand me a brown paper bag.

:: breathe, breathe, breathe::

Ok. Whew. I'm ok.

He got his radio today.

A dust storm this morning; so much sand and dust in the air that he could not see the horizon; the sky, he said, was the same color as the earth.

He's buying a second memory card for his camera. He will fill one and mail it to me to download, and I'll send it back.

Ginny sends love. Oh, I inadvertently jotted down my own words. Ginny's our neighbor. I'm nervous and I end up dictating the entire conversation, even my parts.

And anyway, I tell him, "not just Ginny. The outpouring is staggering, everyone's sending well wishes and prayers for your safety."

And the outpouring has been staggering. I received 67 emails last Friday, every single one of them expressing love and comforting words. So many of them from you lovely people that I have yet to meet in person.

I took advantage of the warm weather last night, and worked outside at Kopi until 10 p.m. So many people stopped to ask, "how is your son? Did he leave? He'll be fine." Barristas, bartenders, friends, and acquaintances. Some I did not know were aware that I had a son, or that he was leaving.

People do talk.

And people bother. Don't you love it? I'll have you know, it's working. I am comforted. I am both comforted and dumbstruck. I can't begin to explain to you how it feels to know that, if I have a an irrational thought, a pang of fear, or a moment of weakness...that when my inner strength falters, and I stumble...

...that someone is going to catch me and set me back on my feet.

I am not, and never will be, alone in this.

The cat's been sick. I had her spayed a few weeks ago, and she didn't recover so well. I imagine she had an infection of sorts before I took her in; her illness didn't seem to stem from the surgery itself. Look at her shaved little tummy:

After not recovering, I took her back in to the vet, where she was admitted to kitty hospital for 6 days. That St. Joseph Animal Clinic is one wonderful and inexpensive vet; it's totally worth the drive out of the way. She got IV fluids (her little arm is shaved too, for that).

She had bloodwork, stool samples taken, de-wormers given as a precaution. She ate sick-kitty cat food. She came home with a 10-day supply of that cat food, and 2 different antibiotics.

My total vet bill:


Can you believe it? That's amazing.

Oh my God. My kid is Kuwait.


It was touch n go for awhile there, but the cat is going to be fine; she's almost back to her adorable pain-in-the-rearski self, eating the plants and sommersaulting around the house.

In summary, then, kids and cat are doing fine.

Mom still adjusting.


  1. Brian and you (and the Kitty) are in my prayers.

    Breathing is good.

  2. (bloddy Blogger - this is my THIRD try)

    I am practically hyper-ventialting just readin gthis. I can't imagine the emotions you are dealing with. I with I could do something, anything. I was even sharing your news with my husband, that's how much I think about you.

    As for that kitty vert bill - wowee! That's how mch we pay for ONE kitty hospital night stay. I hope your furbaby is well on its way to good health and annoying you like every healthy cat should - soon.

    Hugs & prayers.

  3. nope ~ not alone. keep breathing. thinking of you.

  4. I have absolutely no way of pretending to know what you and your family are going through, so I'll not even attempt to give platitudes.

    What I *will* say is that your son is in my thoughts, and I wish him good health and safety.

    Your posts give us a human insight into this situation. And it seems so easy for war to become faceless, for people to almost become numb to it (perhaps as a reaction to feeling overwhelmed by its magnitude?).

    At any rate, just know that these posts make a difference. Thanks, and best wishes.

  5. Yep. Best advice I've had all week so I'll pass it along to you:
    Keep breathing.
    It appears you answered your own question about where you'd been.
    You weren't being a bad friend. You were busy. As soon as you had a moment you checked on me. My stated thanks extend to you.
    Love ya!

  6. I had to come over(from Nancy's Blog) and give you Cyber Mom Hugs. From one Mom to another. I can't imagine what your going through. I thought I had it bad last week while my 16 yr old was off enjoying herself in Spain. First time that long away from MOM. Yes It's trival compared to you.

    Hugs and Prayers and even a few for the Kitty.

    Breath in Breath out.

  7. nancy sent me too. Sending thoughts and prayers your way for you and your son. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like to watch a family member leave for a war. Keep breathing.

  8. You are so very, very sweet. We're all giving you warm, tight virtual hugs. We're with you. You understand this, right? Kid and cat are fine. And that's the most important thing. They're fine.

    Hugs and more hugs. And, as you said, you're not alone in any of this.

  9. Yup. I'll have to get on the virtual hug bandwagon. I can't imagine what you're going through, but I wish you all the best.

    And I can't believe that vet bill. That's nuts.

  10. Spice: Thank you, as always nice to hear from you.

    nancy: Funny how we get connected, isn't it? And I hesitated to blog the vet bill, for fear they'd raise their prices!

    Boston: Thanks hon. 24 months of Lamaze, and this will be over.

    Matthew: Thank you so much for this; I awoke at 1 a.m. after writing this, and thought "I should delete it." Your comment means the world.

    Andy: hugs to you.

    SilverCreek Mom: Thanks for the hugs. I'm still shocked to be here myself!

    Beachmama: Thanks for your warm comments. Deep breaths...

    Dan: Thanks; a girl can't have too many hugs at a time like this!

    DorkyDad: Ooo, gotta love all this huggin! And yes, wherever you live, it's worth it to drive to St. Joseph, IL to get your animals taken care of!

  11. Every ounce of karma, inner strength, and love, yes love, is headed your way. The greatest of all things is love. Just like the love you have for your son which will follow his every foot step.

    Don't ever underestimate the power of love.

  12. an acquaintance of mine has a son-in-law stationed in iraq. i also know a few people at work that have been directly touched by this war. but i truly believe that you give me the best perspective, and make me FEEL more, than anyone else has on a "personal" level. your posts can take my breath away (i know, i need a paper bag too!).

    thinking of you and brian.

    and p.s. $118 for almost a week at the vet -- unheard of!

  13. mk99: Very nice words. I love love love you guys!

    Si: Thank you, that means a lot. Though I'm just writing what I feel, there is a part of me that wants everyone to feel this; if more people share in the angst, maybe we'll end this sooner.

    Wish I could George to read this!

  14. Keep breathing.


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