Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pvt Jolley: Phone Update

Image from virtualtourist.com

Today's 2-minute phone notes read: batteries, soap, socks, camels, herds, Baghdad the 25th, 5 days training address

Brian called me this afternoon. He's 8 hours ahead, so I've taken to walking around with my phone clipped to my hip at work. I do NOT want to miss a call from him.

He's doing fine, had just gone shopping for stuff he won't be able to get for awhile: Soap. Socks, and Batteries. For his flashlight, mostly, but AA for cameras, DVD players, etc.

He's surprised by the herds of camels. Camels, camels everywhere, and none in any hurry to get out of the way of a humvee. "I've never seen a camel outside of a zoo," he told me.

He heads to Baghdad on the 25th. "5 days of training in the field followed by 5 days of training with the real thing," he told me...and then onto his station. Or base. Or whatever they call it, I really have to bone up on my military lingo.

He hopes to have a mailing address soon. So many of you have asked, I'll be sure to post it here.

He'll call in a few days, he said, when we'll have time to talk. Love to you all, he says.

Rodger Dodger, Over and Out.

(Gah, how he hated it when I'd use that to sign off of his toy walkie-talkies when he was a 'lil boy! Sighh. Good times.)


  1. Hang in there, momma.

  2. I wonder if he'll get a chsnce to ride a camel. They are surprisingly comfortable. I'd much rather ride one than a horse (all except the getting down off one part, that is--they flop forward on their knees and its like being in a lurching falling elevator for a second).

  3. You're doing great. And so is he.

  4. I'm glad he's doing OK and got some shopping done.

    I can't wait to see his own camel photos...sounds neat!

    I cracked up at the last part of your blog...

    [Momo out]

  5. Glad to read he's doing good...Momma you're doing good!! I'm proud! no paper bags this time around!

  6. MaryP: Progress, baby, progress.

    spidergirl: Ooo, I wonder it too, now that you wondered it! I hope so.

  7. Please do post an address. I am sure I speak for many in wanting to send needed items or fun items over. Please post also, things that aren't allowed to be sent (if anything)When you left a post on my site saying you too have a 21 year old Brian (mines 21 Bryan) ... I got a lump in my throat. Stay strong =)

  8. The 25th???????????? Ay yi yi.

  9. Hey - two nancy commenters - KOOL!

  10. Waiting for the address! Glad you got to talk - hope the next call comes soon.

    You ARE doing great! Hang in there...

  11. My dear friend James went over to Iraq and my son’s class has been sending him cards and goodies. I know this must be hard for you, stay strong. Tell your son thank you for everything that he is doing and we appreciate his bravery. You will also be in my thoughts as well.

  12. Technically it's either "Over" or "Out", never "Over and Out".
    "Over" means "over to you". "Out essentially means "This conversation is over."

    I have no comment on Roger-dodger except to say that Roger is British slang for a homosexual act.


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