Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Market Report: June 28, 2008

We finally made it to the market Saturday before the basil sold out! There was so much of it that I imagine it will be abundant for most of the rest of the summer, and being the early bird won't be as much of an issue.

I bought 2 bunches. One was split and is hanging inside 2 paper bags in the sunroom, to dry. The second batch will be pesto, by the end of the evening.

Gooseberries were hot items also. I've always found them too tart to enjoy, no matter how much sugar you add, but I still feel a sentimental attachment to them: My Grandmother and Great Grandmother both enjoyed baking up a gooseberry pie. They remind me of days gone by, of pantries with flour wells, and of women that never knew measuring cups or spoons, but used, instead, a handful and a pinch.

Walla-walla sweet onions were 75-cents each. We bought just one, and will add it to one dish or another in which the onion doesn't get lost. Maybe microwaved with a pat of butter on top?

Tomatoes seem early, and are still $3.00 a lb. I'm holding out for better prices, but I'm sure these are still better than grocery store 'maters.

Hey buddy! Comb your hair, and put some pants on! Jeez!

These lillies at the North end of the market were gorgeous, along side all of the other flowers being sold there. The lady in charge yelled to me that I'd have to pay for the privilege of taking the photo. It's not the first time I've heard that at the market, and I'm never sure if the vendors are joking or serious. If they want me to come back and buy their goods (which I do, every week), they'd better be joking!

It seems a little early for peaches, but these look like the real thing (aka not hot house peaches)! We didn't pick any up this time, but we will, before summer's end.

I love looking at these yard ornnaments every week. Most of them are water sprinklers, and I look forward to next year, when we turn our attention to landscaping, instead of construction. There's a little frog one there—see it?—that I have my name on.

And this little planter may just be mine before the end of the year also.


Catch ya next week!


  1. That planter is really great. I recommend getting one before they're gone.

  2. The planter is cute, but not practical in Arizona, put that puppy (or should I say kitty) in the sun and in no time your plant would be cooked from the reflected heat off the metal.

  3. I missed the basil at our market too. But I did get one of the last baskets of strawberries. It's finally strawberry seasons here (real ones, not those huge bizarre Californian things), and I've been gorging on them...

  4. Susan: Good idea!

    AZ: Maybe I'll buy the planter, send it to you, and you can heat up some soup or something in it!

    Jazz: Strawberries on their way out here; we sure did enjoy our shortcake while they lasted.

  5. Some guy brings an ugly dog like that to our market every week. That dog looks so mumiliated, I feel sorry for it.

  6. Awww, I think that's a cute lil doogie; though I worried someone would step on him.

  7. I've bought those peaches two weeks in a row; delish. And I even bought a few very expensive tomatoes. What I've really been loving is Blue Moon's arugula. I never really got into arugula before, and now I can't get enough of it. Anyway. Market's really coming on, now!

    And just for the record: I hate it when people take their dogs to the market!!!


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