Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Weather's Beautiful....

After a few appointments, and several phone calls to health care folk, I took my Mother back to the doctor for some labwork last week. Gentlemen, either buck up or skip the next sentence. Ladies, many of you have been here ::whispering:: The labwork was for a UTI.

Thursday, last.

Lab Tech: Ok. We'll send you a postcard with the results of this labwork.

We have to wait for a postcard?

Lab Tech: We may have results today. A nurse will call you if things are bad. Tomorrow's the 4th, so you won't hear from us tomorrw. Otherwise, wait for a postcard.


Me, with no postcard:
Hello, my mother is still ill. Can you please get me the results of her labwork?

Her labwork is negative. She is fine.

Me: She is NOT fine. She is ill.

Someone: Come in tomorrow. For Lab work.


I need to make an appointment for Mother. We were there one week ago for lab work. She is still not feeling well.

Someone Else: No need for an appointment, just come in for lab work.

One hour later:

Me, in doctor office:
I have my mother here for lab work. She has been ill for over a week now. We were here last Thursday, but she is still ill.

A Third Someone: Have a seat.

30 Minutes Later

Lab Tech #2: Ok! We'll send you a postcard...

Me: NO POSTCARD! We were here one week ago, my mother is still ill, I need results today, she is sick!

Lab Tech #2:
You should mention that to someone. Go back to the front desk and mention that on your way out.

Me, in my head:

Mention it to someone? That's BRILLIANT! I mentioned it last week! I mentioned it on the phone yesterday! I mentioned it on the phone this morning! I mentioned it to the temp at the front desk 15 minutes ago! I'M STANDING IN A FREAKING DOCTOR'S OFFICE MENTIONING IT RIGHT THIS FREAKING INSTANT!!! HOW MUCH MORE MENTIONING DO I HAVE TO DO?!!

Me, really, politely:
I told someone on the phone yesterday. I told someone on the phone this morning. I told the front desk 15 minutes ago. No one seems to care.

Lab Tech #2, whom I suddenly love: I'll get the nurse.

Mom now has some meds.

And I'll be waiting by the mailbox for that postcard.


  1. Miz Liz7:01 AM

    Screw the techs. Next time insist on talking to the doctor or the nurse, pronto. Ah, our healthcare system sucks!

  2. I can feel your pain. And your mother's. I took my wife in because she was having severe stomach pains. The tech kept asking if she might be pregnant (at 50 mind you) We said no way because she has has had certain things removed. They still did two pregancy tests and charged us for them.

    If it isn't the doctors, it's the banks. Check out my post today.

  3. Dogbait: I should have repeated to myself, WWDD—(What Would Dogbait Do?)

    Liz: Either me or my sister had been on the phone with the nurse already. It was a matter of discombobulation—never talked to the same person twice.

    Greg: Ok, that takes the cake, paying for TWO unnecessary PG tests!

  4. Are you telling me she waited a week for antibiotics for a UTI????

    WTF is wrong with these people?!?!?!

  5. StFarmer11:02 AM

    I've had leg surgery when pre-op they put a big "X" on the leg that was supposed to be cut so that the dr. cut the correct one.

    Gives you a lot of confidence.

  6. Nothing worse than a circle jerk.

    I hope your mom is doing better.

  7. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I hope your mother is feeling better.
    Six years ago I went in with what I thought was a kidney infection. It felt like a UTI and then the symptoms changed to that lovely pain in the back/side. Anyway, urine test was given and was declared negative. Go home. One week later I am still in pain and now have a fever of 104. Go back, urine test negative, but my blood sugar was double what was normal. Freaked me out since my father was diabetic. Sent to Provena for a CT scan at 10 am. Told I was a work in so I would have to wait. Got the CT scan at 1 pm. Then told to wait there until the doctors read the scan and made sure I didn't need to be admitted. AT 3:30 I finally called my doctors office because I felt I was being held hostage. The assistant informed me the kidney was enlarged--I have a KIDNEY INFECTION (didn't I say that last week before 2 office visits, 2 urine tests and a CT scan?) And she also mentioned I had an ovarian cyst. Which ironically was never mentioned again and was not recorded in my file. I've had a few other adventures that I won't bore you with. I hate the medical system. I can't figure out if they are so overworked that they don't care or if its just a ****ed up system. --jb

  8. I'm a decent, rational person- until I'm not. It works. Try this next time. It is important not to blink while you are glaring at them, saying nothing...

  9. Let me see, my horror story...

    Had a horrific pain in my back, bent me over in half, couldn't straighten out.

    Went to hospital, had a few tests done, found blood in my urine. Was told I had a bladder infection, gave me some pills.

    Went home threw up constantly for two days, still in pain.

    Went to hospital, saw another doctor, told him I still in pain, can't keep anything down, stopped taking the pills. He gave me different pills.

    Went home threw up constantly for three or four days, still in pain.

    Went to the hospital again, saw another doctor, told him my back still hurts and I can't keep anything down. Stopped taking second medication, thought it was making me sick. He told me to keep taking the pills, but start drinking lots of cranberry juice.

    When home, still in pain, now throwing up red liquids, ya you guessed it "cranberry juice."

    Waited almost a week before I went back to the doctor, he said I was making to much of a deal over a little bladder infection, practically tossed me out of the office with yet another prescription for pills.

    Went home and suffered another five days, sicker now because I'm not eating, I'm dehydrated, and cranberry juice is starting to dye by lips red from throwing it up.

    Went back to the hospital talked to another doctor, he tells me it's all in my head.

    I go home, resigned to die.

    Went to see my childhood doctor, his father delivered me. I walked into his office, I was bent over in pain, he said "touch your toes." I couldn't. He said you have kidney stones. Called a hospital in a large town nearby, discovered that my right kidney was not functioning and I may lose it (kidneys die in 15 day if not functioning). Oh yeah, throwing up is a sign of kidney failure, who knew! Twelve hours of surgery and kidney works, all is well. Ask me how often I go to see a doctor.

  10. Lori,
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    Thanks. Charlie. www.myspace.com/daddycmac

  11. Brilliant post!! Your imaginary rant was sooooo cute!

    And I love, LOVE your choice of postcard here...

    Hope your Mother has "Clearwater" now...


  12. Sorry mom wasn't feeling well.
    Boys back in GA? Bummer...
    Don't forget to write!

  13. I don't think I want my test results on a postcard for all the mail staff to see... What happened to privacy?

    Then again what happened to decent health care?


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