Thursday, July 03, 2008

This Is My Life: Photo Essays. Or Not.

As many fanatical bloggers do, I keep a camera on hand at all time, snapping merrily away at things I might blog later. More often that not, I just end up with a bunch of random photos and nothing much to say about them. They are still photographic essays of my every day goings on, so I can't just delete them.

Hence, it's Camera Unload Day, folks! Let's get started.

I put this on my Back Talkin' blog last week, but it deserves some limelight here also. While Clint looks for hardware and tools at Farm & Fleet, I keep myself occupied by wandering around with my camera. You can find good stuff there. Like Anti-Monkey Butt powder. With calamine.

To all you Monkey Butt People: You're welcome.

Also, at Farm & Fleet: Pigs Magazine.

Darn! I didn't check out the centerfold!

This is manuscript page from a book I recently worked on. This is what we, in the industry, refer to as "heavily edited."

For future reference, I have nick-named SPC Steven Moore "SteebMo." I promised him I'd come up with a pet name for him, and that is the one that evolved, during his time here in our house.

It was taco night at our house. Here's how SteebMo prepared his:

SteebMo Taco Recipe: Mix all into a big plate of taco blop and crush chips over it.
Clint followed suit.

Did you know Duct Tape makes bandages?! I like the idea of a good sturdy band-aid, and might have to pick up a box of these things.

Here are Melissa and Lori demonstrating "How To Give a Hug to Someone You *Really* Don't Want to Hug."

Here's G, enjoying Cindy & Kirby's alphabet book. G flipped out over that Tractor!

Brian and SteebMo joined me at Mom's house to do a little yard work. Thank God, because I got there early to find that a squirrel had drowned in a garbage can filled with rain water. I reserved that job for burly soldiers that weren't grossed out by dead rodents. SteebMo fished the nasty thing out, and Brian dumped the squirrel water for me.

I also reserved the "get up on top of the house" chores for the men. I get queasy standing on a kitchen chair, so there was no way I was crawling on top of a house. SteebMo volunteered, and used the leaf blower to rid the roof of pine needles.

Then we bagged up the pine needles. Bagged and bagged and bagged them. The boys didn't find this very fun, no they didn't.

Here's the Fat Tire beer someone brought to Brian on the last day he was here. A neighbor we don't know just walked down the street and handed it to him. The things that people will bother to do for others, in a day, just blows me away sometimes.

Here's a tray full of boxes. Lisa is my source, she orchestrates getting all of our Toys for Troops boxes for us, from her workplace recycle bins.

This is the bouquet that was waiting for me when I got home from Georgia, after Mother's Day. Brian's friend Chris Hinton has taken care of me on Mother's day, dropped in with hugs, cards, and flowers, since Brian left for bootcamp. This bouquet lasted for a good 2 weeks, even after being delivered to my door in a box.

Here's Chris:

This pic kills me. Clint, too tired to remove the utility room doors to get to the back of the dryer, decided to go up and over to uncrimp the hose behind it. Oh, the things I'd like to do with this photo and Photoshop...

Thanks to the functioning dryer, I was able to send the boys back to GA with nice, fresh, cami's.

Snuggly, huh?

This concludes today's episode "this is my life in photos." I will now get about taking more random photos, and be back in 4-6 weeks with the next installment.


  1. 1. While I'm not sure what Monkey Butt is, at least I now know what to do should I ever learn.

    2. Pigs Magazine really stands on its own. I can add nothing.

    3. Goddess protect me from ever having a manuscript that looks like that one *after* submission.

    4. Damn...SteebMo is simply adorable. Yes, I know my cougar stripes are showing. No, I don't care. (Hi SteebMo) For what I consider to be understandable reasons, I refuse to comment on the Jolley-aspect of any of these pictures because I refuse to consider the Jolley-aspect of any of these pictures.

    5. (skips to Clint and washing machine) You don't need photoshop. It, again, speaks for itself, as is.

    Of course, all this and a buck fifty...

  2. Imagine if it had been you in you undies hanging over the dryer and Clint took the photo. Hell and damnation come to mind!

  3. These are hilarious. I particularly enjoyed the Monkey Butt & the duct tape band-aids. Now I know what to get everyone back home next Christmas! ;-)

  4. marinemom7:57 PM

    All I have to say is that you are one lucky woman! My hubbie doesn't know which end of hammer to hold much less how to fix a dryer! That definately would have been my rear hanging over the dryer and it wouldn't have been a pretty sight! Cute photos.

  5. LOL, 'Snuggle'. I don;t know that anyone wearing those clothes would have bought that for themselves. Hurray for mums!

  6. Dogbait: You're absolutely right; though if I'd have been hanging over the back of that dryer, I'd never have gotten up. I'd still be there, and this blog would not have been written. How sad.

    Sveny: Interesting point. They're home for the weekend, and I'll be snuggling up those camo's before they leave.

  7. Monkey Butt??? I don't dare ask.

  8. HA HA HA HA! What a WONDERFUL post! I also think that the Pigs Magazine is the best part. (I'll bet the centerfold was a real porker...)

    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    And HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Have a good time for me, too, please!


  9. I do this, too. Camera full of random photos that I never get around to blogging. And I love this post! Random as it is, it gives us a glimpse into daily dailies... I can't believe nobody's yet made a connection between Monkey Butt Powder and Clint fixing the dryer... or maybe everybody's made the connection and I'm the only a-hole crass enough to actually mention it... I wish SteebMo were here to take care of my rodent problem. One of the rat babies is definitely gimpy and failing to thrive and I can't bear to deal with it. And on the duct tape band aid thing: yesterday at the plant nursery I realized the Bayer people make insecticide, too. Can you imagine this Bayer factory worker? "Sorry, honey. I'll be late home from work. There's been a mix-up at the factory. Um, yeah. You should quit your aspirin therapy."

  10. I like This Is My Life! How could I have gone any longer without knowing about Monkey Butt powder?


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