Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comment Moderation

All righty, kiddies, I've finally enabled Comment Moderation on my blog.

Our local blog troll...

—oh wait, not this cute troll...—

...thaaaaaaaaaat's more like it.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. Our local blog troll has been stopping in on weekends, between 2 and 3 in the morning, and leaving increasingly vicious messages for me to wake up to.

I've said before, I care not the things he says about me. I do, after all, know who my baby daddy is, and I'm relatively straight with myself that I'm not, as he reminds me constantly, "Pure white trash."

Alas, if only. I've never been pure anything.

The guy spent God knows how many hours surfing through my photos and leaving a slimy trail of racist, sexist, and downright hateful comments through my Smugmug account.

Ew. I know.

It's only a matter of time, I've decided, before I won't be able to intercept a hurtful comment to my friends or family.

Can't have that.

So, here's what we do: You go ahead and keep commenting the way you always do. I'll get an e-mail (I love getting e-mail! Win-win!) asking me if I approve of your comment, and I will give you

Thanks for working with me, and keep commenting.

Most of you.


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Lori, I am really sorry that you have to go through that crap. Some people are trash and want to make others feel like them. You will never be that way. Love ya, Kelly

  2. Waste of energy man ... why are people so hateful? It's so much easier to be kind ... as you have shown to many others =)

    Love ya girl!

  3. Clearly, this guy has TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS! Let's get Viacom involved and trace his IP. Better yet, let's just wish him away. WT? I say WTF?

  4. awwww I hate ugly commenters almost as much as I hate that stupid word verification. but I understand the need.

  5. I noticed you put in a thing-a-ma-bob doo-ma-fotche that let's you know where people are from that are reading your blog, I just wanted to let you know when I enlarge a photo and then return to the entry the thing-a-ma-bob enters me as a visitor again! I look like a stalker, plus the fact it says I'm from "Glendale, AZ" which I'm not. As for the nasty person leaving nasty comments, shame on you!

  6. Oh ! Why would anybody want to do such vicious things?

    Am sure, that person is like that pic you posted..yeah, the one with the hideous face typing inside a dark cave.

    Go away you moron, Go get a life !

    As Nancy here already said - It's so much easier to be kind!

  7. We could wish an incurable burning rash on his privates :o

  8. Some "people" are just a waste of space, understand why you had to do this and it will not deter me from commenting in the future.

    Keep posting and we will keep reading.

  9. Stupid stupid stupid people. I just don't get the motivation for that kind of crap.

    ANYWAY, no problem at all - moderate away!

    [I just hope my comments pass your critial inspection in the future, Lori! ;-) ]

    And HOW DARE HE mess with your Smugmug pages!


  10. I have only been attacked twice and I managed to delete them before too many people saw the comments. It always amazes me how much energy some people put into being negative. Sorry you had to do this. Please approve this message. :)

  11. StFarmer9:33 AM

    I don't see the point in trashing somebody you don't even know... or somebody yopu do know, for that matter. What's his major malfunction? (Full Metal Jacket, 1987.

    Have a safe trip to St. Louis and hope your auction item goes for a bazillion dollars.

  12. If comment moderation doesn't work, let me know, we'll track his pimply ass down and throw a blanket party for him.


  13. Dear Ms Gnightgirl. Please include me in your nice list. Promise not to woof or growl.

  14. Seriously?
    I thought I did stu[id things with my time.
    What a Loser.

  15. Interesting timing as I just added moderation of comments to my page as well. Perhaps we have the same troll. My most recent troll attack left something about pics of the kidlet, but since I left C-U I've had some really, really horribly nasty comments left for me on my blog by someone under a constant alias. I've deleted them every time, but after this week's I just gave up and went to moderated comments.

  16. That stinks. I hate mean people.

  17. wow. some of the nicest people in the world end up with trolls! how is that, when I, purveyor of smut that I am, can never seem to attract one? what am I doing wrong?


    I'm glad you put the smackdown on them. I really worry about the sanity of people who have nothing better to do than maliciously comment on the interwebs.

  18. Pure Genius, that's what you are girl. I love this post. Just keep moving forward. Elizabeth


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