Sunday, July 27, 2008

Emergency Phone Call from My Son

We were traveling home from St. Louis this evening, when I got a phone call from Brian.

Brian: Mom! You know that little saying, "Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice?"

Me: Yeah...

Brian: What are boys made of?

Me: Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Brian: Ok. Thanks. Love ya.

Me: I love you too.


Have any likewise, short, humorous conversations to share?


  1. Another soldier's mother9:00 AM

    My kids' pediatrician had avoided giving them penicillin when they needed an antibiotic because I was allergic to it and he didn't want to risk a reaction. When my baby went to boot camp, my very first letter from him, after weeks and weeks of military imposed silence, simply said, "Dear Mom, I'm not allergic to penicillin. Love, xxx" Huh? Something was obviously missing--like why he needed penicillin? I had to wait weeks to find out!

  2. In my end of the world it was "snakes and snails"

  3. Nothing to share, but that's too funny.

  4. That's what Cha Cha is for! We use it all the time.

    PS: I learned it like Jazz. What's snips anyway?

  5. You know, I had to come home and look up "snip" myself. I found out that the poem was a Mother Goose rhyme, and was originally published as "Snips OF Snails"...bits of snails.


  6. fkf
    I did that to my wife the other day. I called her and it went like this. Honey, who is that guy that was in that movie that was about...... She told me the answer and I said, thanks. Talk to you later.

  7. Hehe. Sweet.

    I know this cousin of mine who lives in the US can have nobody stop her from calling up her mom when she in doubt about anything in the kitchen..given the fact that her mom lives in India almost 12 hours away.

    "Hey, Mom. You there"

    "Yeah" (Sounding groggy because it is 2 AM in the morning!!)

    "For the **** item, do I have to add ginger before or after boiling?"


    "Okay, Bye."

    "Hmmm. Bye."

  8. You gave me a good laugh with this one. I can just imagine the guys passing time arguing about this poem.

    Nothing to share but thanks for the laugh.

  9. lmao
    I just about died when I read that.
    I love it!

  10. Me: "Hi mum. Listen, how long do I boil an egg for?"
    Mum: "3 minutes."
    Me: "Ok, thanks. Call you later. Bye."
    Mum: "Wha-"

    I don't like eggs - why would I know?

  11. Absolutely wonderful!

    One of John's and mine - although you won't understand the language:

    [ring ring]

    Me: Hello, you! I'm on the 4:20 bus.

    John: Godo.

    Me: Yoko Ono.



  12. marinemom9:19 PM

    When my big Marine is stateside, he will call me from the grocery store for a recipie or for what cut of meat to buy. And when he has a bet on some trivia or he's doing a crossword puzzle. Once I answer, he's just like Brian: "Thanks, love ya, by".

  13. In my family, these are usually obscure historical events, scientific equations or crossword puzzles:

    "Mom, when was the Iron Age?"
    "Crow, is there an equation for finding the viscosity of a liquid?"
    "Pobble, what's a four letter word for medieval worker that isn't 'serf'?"

    All of these phone calls have actually been made in the last year. The conversations last as long as it takes the other to answer the question. Growing up in this family was more than a little intimidating. ;)


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