Thursday, July 10, 2008

Market Report: July 5, 2008

The market report is going to be short this week, and with the current life schedule, may be short every week. We're up early to do our shopping and then rushing to get hopping at the construction site, or to meet whatever other social obligations we have penciled in for the day.

Sour cherries are in. I didn't buy them last week, but if they're still around this Saturday, I'll be picking up 2 quarts of them. The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook I received when I was 18 years old has one recipe in it that I covet: Cherry Pie. The ingredients for the filling include a bit of instant tapioca and cherry brandy. These together make one heck of a syrup around those cherries.

I'm always drawn to the Zinnia cups. I want to take all of them home, and make a display just like this one.

Greek Breakfast! Papa George's stand is always our last stop. In addition to Dolmades, we've incorporated a lamb skewer into our Saturday morning breakfast. Only $2 for this hearty stick-o-meat:

And friends, every Saturday we see someone we know. Here's my bff, Diane, just arriving as we were taking our leave.

And no pictures, but I leave you with this: If you get a chance, pick up some white peaches on Saturday morning. They are amazing. Amazing, I say! I sliced up a bowl for dessert one night this week, and they were like candy. Clint couldn't believe that I hadn't added sugar to them. $3.50 will get you 7 of them. Leave some for me, though, ok?


  1. White peaches...just wait till the donut peaches come on. I will so knock you over to be the first in line.

  2. If BH&G isn't the best selling cookbook, I don't know what is. My mom had one. My "ex" had one. The "daughter" has one. The DIL has one.

    Do they have sales people coming to home-ec classes?

  3. Ok, I'm drooling over the thought of that cherry pie. AND I have sour cherries in the freezer from our trip to Michigan last summer....

    What would it take to get that recipe?


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