Sunday, July 06, 2008

Walking 20 Feet in My Son's Shoes

In addition to unloading photos, I had a few videos to sort out when I unloaded my camera. When Brian got back from Iraq, one challenging chore was to sort through hundreds of backpacks in a warehouse full, to find his.

This was taken 3 days after he got back; there were still this many to be picked up.

IDs on the bottom, not as easy to read as you might think:

Signing out that he'd found his

And marching back to the barracks with it:

He walked effortlessly up 4 flights of stairs with that thing on his back. Approximately 110 pounds in that pack alone, I had to try it myself.


Back to the gym.


  1. The SGM used to call his pack "the wood tick" because it sucks the life out of you. I tried his once. You got much further than I did.

  2. Hey, you've got an American accent!

    I had 23k (51 lbs) in Tasmania last year and that was enough for me! This photo was taken 5 minutes into the walk and I look like I have your wobbles. You may not believe me but it gets easier. A trick is to eat all your food on the first day!

  3. Hahahaha!!!!!!! You did great. I would have flipped over backward.

  4. I laughed while I watched the video, but I was laughing with you not at you.

  5. Oh how I remember the Sea Bag piles after patrol. I always managed to find mine. Sometimes as a joke we would load someone's up with rocks or if we wanted to get them in trouble, we would put in some magazines that we knew their wife would not approve of. We were bad.

  6. No need for the gym. Just take a walk every day with that pack.

  7. Wow, I have no idea how they...or it!

  8. So cute!!

    What a great effort!! It is amazing that Brian does that all the time!


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