Wednesday, March 08, 2006

15 minutes

I'm famous! Check this out!

The News Gazette

Thank'ya. Thank'ya veramuch.


  1. That was a nice pics .. " Red Carpet "

    Love it ..

    You will be famous soon ..


  2. Well well...looks like you'll be going to fancy, pinkies up champagne parties from here on out. Don't forget about us little people making poo jokes down in th thick of it all.

  3. Hi Lori, now we can pin a name to the face!

  4. Wow! Think of all the new readers you'll get on your blog....pretty cool. Soon you'll be as big as the dooce site.

  5. I LOOOOOOOVE the glam pic!!

    You're a superstar!

  6. Ilaiy: Bring the car 'round, will you?

    Chaz: This is for you:


    You're welcome.

    Dogbait: Rhinestone glasses and feather boas *are* part of my everyday attire.

    Jodie: Which site will I be as big as? What's the dooce?

    Momo: What glamour pic? I scanned that off of my driver's license.

  7. Oh honey,
    This could just be the start. Now that the News-Gazette did their story, I believe all of AP has access to it. Wouldn't it be a riot if Bill Geist or CNN's Jeanne Moos showed up?

  8. Can I have your autograph!?!

  9. Congrats on the article mention!

    May it bring you fame, fortune, and many more blog readers.

    It would be a fitting addition to the story if the person responsible for the memorials contacted you and then the reporter could re-interview you.

    It would be good P.R. for their cause AND for your blog.

    Hey, I'm all for fame. As long as I'm not infamous. :)

    By the way, I checked the make-over book...alas nothing prescribed for those kind of windows you mentioned. Drat it all.

  10. Congratulations on your 15 minutes. Cherish it. Spend it well. Live high on the mountains for those brief moments. Then pause before it suddenly occurs to you that most people don't read newspapers anymore.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my fledgling blog. Mine will grow soon, I promise.

  11. JJ: Hey, you never know; I DID get a it from The Modesto Bee in CA. You know what that means?


    Spidee: I had thought about the consequences of the Memorial-ee reading my somewhat "flippant" blog. I hoped no feeling would be hurt...But, sigh, I wrote what I wrote; it stands.

    Curtain discussion for another blog, maybe. Thanks for trying.

    InkyH: HEY, I'll have you know that I got two (2) comments/e-mails from new folks, referring to the newspaper!

    I hope your blog flies; a fun concept, with phun photos!

  12. Tai: Oh, Tai there you are! Here you go:


    I typed that autograph with a special flourish, just for you.

    When I first discovered blogs I noticed about every other one links the site above. Her name is Heather Armstong,her original blog got her fired! She now blogs for a living $$$. She gets hundreds of posts. Check her out, I think you'll like it.

  14. Lori,

    And just think -- we knew you BEFORE you became so famous!!!! I'm proud FOR you, as my grandmother used to say!

    I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It's just hard to juggle the training schedule I have with being a newlywed -- ha ha! You sent me a terrific e-mail WEEKS ago, and I haven't even taken the time to answer -- but hopefully I'll have some time to do so tonight.

    Take care of yourself...



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