Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lori's First HNT

Monday, 6:15 p.m.

Monday, 7:00 p.m.


  1. shannon12:23 AM

    wow--that's looks great! congrats!

  2. Hello hello!
    Okay crazy story! We met at Cafe Kopi. I had been recently recruited by our common acquaintance - Atef, the painter. We had a wonderful evening, or at least I had an awesome time with the five of you... and then it all stopped.
    But anyway, today I was going thru a melancholic stage and I decided to check my blogger and I see a comment from Ilay... and then i go to his page and I recognize him. Wow, what are the chances. Anyway to make a veery long story short, I bumped into your blog and for the past 2 hours have been utterly entertained by it.
    Soo, just wanted to say Hi!, Happy New Year!! and all the best wishes! You and your blog both rock and have made my evening (along with a couple of glasses of wine! ;)
    G'night girl!

  3. NoLife! Hiiii! HNT = Half Naked Thursday. I'm usually just a spectator. :-)

    Shannon: Thanks, yours gave me courage; Ray did it.

    Cristianaaaa!! Hiiiii! We had a blast with you, last I heard you were on your way home for Christmas break! We've hunkered down inside for winter; will be back to Kopi regularly when it warms up. Thanks for all of the compliments, happy to shake your melancholic stage! E-mail me!

  4. I love the tattoo! I love your bravery!! And I love your HNT!!!

  5. YEAH!!!!!! I knew the artist in you couldn't resist HNT! They all join us sooner or later! :-) Welcome!! And what an auspicious beginning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the koi fish! That's very good luck dearie! Especially synchronicitous as I was thinking JUST YESTERDQAY that I would get a koi fish in that exact spot! No lie! HHNT baby!

  6. Congratulations on the ink! It looks great. I hope it brings you a lifetime of good luck.

  7. It is awesome. I love the color and the legend of the koi that goes with it.

  8. It is wonderful .. Damn I jealous .. Hope I can pick the courage to get one some time soon ..


  9. Momo: You're next, skinny black cat!

    Andy: Thanks! Do it! Get it! Japanese-style tats are rockin; I asked for mine to be "colorful and delicate" and I'm pleased with the results....ah, all for another blog.

    Wendy: Thanks! I'm a card totin' member now. Next up: sky diving.

    Jim: Thank you too. Worldly advancement and purpose, here I come!

    Ilaiy: You can do it! 45 minutes of a little stick-stick and it's over. Better than a dentist!

  10. PP: Thanks, girlfrand.

  11. ohhh, I don't know if I could do it. I've been thinking about it though. Yours is beautious!

  12. Oooo! So nice! I'm thinking about getting another one. Great colors on the koi!

  13. WhiteRed: You'll know when you're ready (it's wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than childbirth)

    BP: Thanks you dahlin. Keep us posted on your next!

  14. Check you out revealing some skin. You go girl!

  15. You look very young. And slim in time for spring grrr ! :-)

  16. Ruben: [blush].

    FJL: I have youthful shoulders, just don't look too closely at the crows' feet around my eyes.

    Slim, heh heh...I just made up a new word yesterday: heifer-vescent. "I am feeling very hefier-vescent," I told my we drank beer and gobbled down pad thai...

  17. Awesome!

    AndyT sent me your way because I just got a koi tat on Saturday :-)

    Nice blog, I'll be back to visit again :-)

  18. Ooooh! That's gorgeous :) You have my full permission to come upstairs and pet my koi anytime you want!


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