Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I lived to tell about it. I cried just a little bit, and we both laughed at my crying, I kept saying "I just can't HELP it!" Our crazy neighbor joined the show, bringing cigars, taking photos, laying hands on Brian's shoulders for a whirlwind prayer, and tucking a card with the patron saint of something or 'nuther into Brian's coat pocket. "Look here," he said, "He's stomping on the devil's head."

He was, at least, a distraction, and a source of jocularity.

So. Ok. He's off! We are both, on this day, on our own for the first times in our lives.

What's next?


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  2. Hey there,
    As my daughter is only 12, I can't begin to imagine the strength it takes to let go. You are awesome.

  3. Keep your chin up! Sons never really leave their mothers. You might be on your own but you're never really alone.

    He'll be back when he needs a whole load of laundry done, or some home cooking, or just a nice big hug. But don't tell my mum I told you that ;-)

  4. Lori,

    You've done your best and have sent him off into the world with everything you can teach him...and you'll ALWAYS be the important "first girl" in his life.

    I'm proud of you for being so strong!


  5. Well, if you need a designated driver later, just give me a call.

  6. I can see you throwing your hat up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore! You and Brian will both do great.

  7. june in florida6:41 PM

    A big, big HUG and hang in there girl, June

  8. Jim: Hi Jim! Thanks. You're awesome too!

    Sven: Ohhh, thank you, I needed to hear that!

    Janet: Thank you Janet! I tried to be tough!

    ChazE: Can I get a raincheck on that designated driver offer?

    Wendy: "You're gonna make it after all-llllll"

    June: Thanks for the hugs!

  9. I have been waiting for this moment...I even started to tear up reading your posts today.
    Take a deep breath, and take up a whole bunch of new hobbies.

  10. I'd have cracked (my son is 14) sounds like you did great! My friend & I make clever gift/food/movie gift bags for her son (in Kuwait)she sends one every week. She gets an email or phone call at least once every week to 10 days. The interesting question is "What's next for you?"

  11. Good job, Lori.

    You're a great mom. You're both gonna make it through this.

    You know I'm here for whatever! Probably not as a designated driver, but...I'll glug-glug with ya!!

  12. hard to think of what to say, other than everything will be all right in the long run

  13. Do you have any cats? If so, you won't want them after you've read my latest post. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm enjoying yours as well. I definitely have to go through the archives and see what else you've written about.

  14. FMMary: Hobbies a plenty, and lots of deep breaths...primarily when I forget to breathe!

    Jodie: First on my list: the mountain of laundry left in Brian's room...

    Momo: You're my good glug-glug pal!

    Paul: Yah, I know everything will be ok...for both of us.

    Bougie: I have one cat, thank you. It's good to know I'll be "taken care" of, god forbid anything should happen.

    Laurie: Thanks. Hugs back.


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