Thursday, March 16, 2006

Art Teacher talks like a sailor

This week I printed a few Salvador Dali prints, and explained to the kiddies what "Surrealism" art entailed. I then left them to "free-time" with the exception that they incorporate some of the ideas that Dali used.

While we worked our on light-switch plants, cube-shaped apples and hot-dog skateboards, I yakked merrily away, telling the kids that it's so funny when Ilaiy does something stupid, he says "darned brains" as if he is not to be held responsibile for his error; it is the fault of his brains.

Zooboy stopped me short "we aren't allowed to say that word in this house," he said.

My stomach flipped over; had I just sworn in front of the kids? If the Superintendent gets wind of this, I am dead meat! What did I say? How can I find out without repeating it? I whispered to the kids, "you're not allowed to say 'darn'?" Darn, I said it again!

No, not THAT one! Zoo-boy fills me in: "The S-word."

Oh, shit! I actually said SHIT in front of the kids?! I didn't even realize it came out of my mouth! I racked my brain, just can't figure it out.

I broached it again, "Which S-word did I say?" Great. Now I'm going to make THEM say "shit" so that I'll know for sure when it was that I said "shit."

K-Kat leaned back and said, "you said [whispering now] 'stupid'."

Oh. My goodness. I have no defense, I DID say "stupid." I said it right outloud for 3 kids to hear. I am so embarrassed.

Place your bets that Momma will be waiting at the door with a bar of Lifebuoy in her hand when I get there next Tuesday.


  1. The nerve. Thanks for the smile!

    One time, one of my boys told a business associate who'd stopped by the house that he was allowed to say the F word - but only at home. The associate was, of course, horrified. I only heard about it later. He meant FART!

  2. We try not to use the "S" word at our house as well. But I do happen to be a witness to the "Mama" of the art kids using the "S" word. Just in case you need some ammunition. LOL

  3. ACK!

    We're being PC'd to death!

    A dear friend of mine's parents objected to the word 'sucks' when we were children.
    Not sure why...bad memories??

  4. Wendy, Hilarious! I wasn't allowed to use either version of the F-word in my house when I was growing up.

    WhiteRed: Thanks for the tip. I owe you a glass of sangria for saving my life.

    Tai: Just saw a comedian who jokes about getting a scolding from his mom for saying "sucks" in front of his grandmother: "we don't talk like that in front of grandma!"

  5. How cute! I'm sooo glad you didn't curse in front of the kiddies. I don't understand how subconsciously we can turn off "cussing" but I'm surprised that I'm usually 90% successful at it when I want to be. Otherwise I'm a 100% filthy. (And I like it.)

  6. You know the seven words you can't say on TV? Shit, fuck, piss, cunt
    cocksucker, motherfucker and tits.

  7. Momo: I like it too!!

    Andy: Hahaha! I mean, hey! this is a CHILDREN's blog!!! Lifebuoy for everyone!

  8. I once knew a family who wouldn't let their children say "naked." ??? And, as for actually swearing, my bio-sister is always looking at my oldest nephew and saying "Remember, don't use those words your Aunt Mame taught you." Ah well. At least you didn't *actually* teach them new words.

  9. Good grief:) ( speechless)

  10. I realy enjoy reading your blog. It's well written and light hearted. I found out about it from the newspaper and didn't really know what a blog was. It's a whole new community of on-people and I'm hooked. Keep the stories rolling.


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