Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Weekend in Photos

I had a great weekend, so much to write, but it's late, so I can only post a few photos for now.

Friday, and every evening, late.

Rani teaches me stuff I will never learn from a cookbook. I am blessed with her friendship, and will write more later.

Sunday afternoon: A long walk on a pre-spring day.

Zen Garden at UI Japan House

Gate lock, Zen Garden

What kind of tree do these piney-ball seeds belong to? I should know.

I love round barns. How did they do that?

Sunday Evening Dinner with Mama(s)

Mike's famous crab chili, followed by something we called "Banana Delight." It WAS a delight, cinnamon-y caramelized hot banana slices over vanilla ice cream. Come to Momo & Mike's for dinner. I don't have anyone's permission to post this blurry pic, so if it's not here, someone protested.

Mom, Momo, Mike, Rani, Ilaiy, [and my empty chair]

Someone seems to have dumped this kitty-baby in the country near Momo's house a few weeks ago. Posters and newspaper ads haven't turned up the owner. We took about 100,000 photos trying to get a pic of his face. He's over there now in my new profile pic. He's very friendly.

As I said, he's very frie-mfffffffffff!


  1. I have a feeling he's found his owner!

  2. Yep, looks like he's right at home! What are you going to name him?

    And those devilish balls are from the Sweet Gum Tree. Evil, I tell you. I have a yard full of them. My Springtime will be filled with hours of raking up these evil spheres!

  3. First of all - gorgeous pictures from the Japanese Garden. You, my friend, are an arteeest photographique. Yeah, that's my fancy French-ish.

    Second of all - TomKat needs a home! Gnightgirl and I are trying to locate a loving owner for him. I have 5 cats already and GNG has an older female kitty whose life would probably be turned topsy turvy by the intro of a new kitty. PLEASE HELP A KITTY FIND A HOME!

    We'll ship him to you. ;0)

    Wait - I'm not kidding...did someone say road trip?

  4. oooh, what a lovely weekend!
    I really like the photos of the zen garden.

  5. Great photos & looks like a terrific time! I love your new photo too... The cat looks like he wants to stay with you, frankly.

  6. Do you think he could teach Joe to use the litterbox again???

    Beautiful pix! I love your new profile with kitty.


  7. Dogbait: The thought that he would come home with me never crossed my mind! My 15 year old feline princess would have a literal hissy fit. You should hear her scream if another cat even touches our property; it's bloodcurdling!

    Gwen: Yuck with those sweetgum balls! I can see how they'd be wretched to clean up, they were difficult to walk on yesterday.

    Momo: Snow coming tonight, we HAVE to find a home for him now!

    Tai: Thanks. That zen garden is a little secret in this town, apparently. People are missing out!

    Holly: Is Joe your ex-husband?

  8. Love the new pic of you and your cute new cuddle-buddy.

  9. oh my gosh what a wonderful beautiful weekend!!!! I got your comment today and thank you so much and for reading!!! The comments on comments tend to get lost...I read you too!! You are a smart sexy woman with a lovely voice as well sister! keep posting!

  10. Boobie: Thanks. Love, Frank.

    Hope: I'll keep reading, and thanks for your comments!


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