Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reminscin' Vol. 1: Wacky Mom, Handed Down

There's my world's crappiest, 60-second photoshop job; if my boss should see it I'd be seeking unemployment, so mum's the word!

I've lately been reminiscing about an episode from my childhood that cracks me up. There are several, actually, but I'll send along the rest when the time is right. In honor of what will hopefully be the last snowstorm of the year, on these first two days of spring, I'll tell you this one now.

My mother was a fun one. Well, she still IS a fun one, but I'm talking now about the late 60s/early 70s, when she was still mothering the hell out of us.

A bit of an enigma; both a hardworking woman with her own daycare business bringing in money hand over fist, and yet an extremely shy, sweet, and daffy woman, willing to do anything, go anywhere, and...experiment with new ideas.

When I was about 10 years old, and my sister 8, there was a terrible ice storm in the forecast. Winters were worse then, they really were! While we battoned down the hatches, Mom grumbled at the prospect of chipping an inch of ice off our crappy blue station wagon the next morning.


But! A light bulb turned on in Mother's sweet little head! She would just toss a bedspread over the car... Yeeeees! And in the morning, she would just grab that bedspread, give it a little *flip*, shake it out like a rug, and the car would be clean! Voila!

Bedspread over car, and the ice-storm cameth. Next morning what did we wake up to, but our crappy blue station wagon with an ugly pink chenille bedspread shrink-wrapped around the car with an inch of ice on top.

This was NOT as mother had planned, and we ended up having to wait for the weather to break in order to get the bedspread off the car.

To add insult to injury, my sister and I ran out and snapped all the fringe off the bedspread. Cool! "It just breaks off!" Snap! Click! Crick! with Mom squawking, "You kids stop that! Stop breaking my bedspread!"

It was fringe-less before the thaw.

Isn't it funny how oblivious you are as a kid, but when you look back, you think, "Holy Mother of God, what must the neighbors have thunk?!"

I laugh now, at my daffy Mom. Laugh and laugh and laugh.


This morning I awoke, to find a missed call from my son. He's been gone for a week, and his call came in at 4:30 a.m. I FREAKED out, and called him! There I was, standing in my kitchen in my pajamas, interrogating my groggy kid when he answered his phone: ARE YOU OK? Why did you call me?

He zombied-ly answered that he was fine. He'd just called to see if the door was unlocked; he'd forgotten his key. And Mom, "I'm sleeping."

HaRUMPH! Fine. I get off the phone, and storm 3 feet to the hallway...

Where I get a glimpse of him hanging up his cell phone in his bedroom.

I'd called him in a panic, all the while standing about 10 feet away from him.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


  1. LOL! I don't know which story I like better - the bedspread (which I can totally picture!) or calling your son in the house. What an excellent way to start the day!

  2. Oh, good one. I laughed hard at the description of you guys snapping fringe. Good one.

  3. What great stories!!!

    Whew - they both crack me up.

  4. That was GREAT!!! LOVED the story about the bedspread. What a classic---story and mom.

    Funny about calling your son. That would indeed be a little unnerving to see a missed call that came in at 4:30...4:30??

    My lazy son calls from his room to the house phone in case there's a chance I'll bring him something from the kitchen. He thinks there's room service or something. :)

  5. (He's not always lazy, just sometimes)

  6. Fantastic stories! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  7. Oh, those are daffy all right! LOL!
    Classic! That cover the windshield trick works a lot better if the cover is thick plastic and held off the windshield somehow.

  8. I love this post. Every word of it. Every image in it. How Great!

  9. Nice one .... I love it .. It is sounded fun .. Something I would do with my car ..


  10. i think mom had the right idea just the wrong material. :)

  11. I loved that blue station wagon. It had big holes in the floor in the back seat, so it was always like an adventure to make sure nothing fell out. Didn't we call it the Fred Flintstone car, because we always wanted to stop it with our feet.

    Do you remember the time someone from the hospital wanted your mom to transport a dead body in the back of the station wagon to Kankakee since she was driving up there to see Grandma Bennet?

    That did happen didn't it or did I dream that?


  12. PP: LMAO. Ok, the floor was a little shabby and dangerous on that piece of crap car.

    And YES, you totally made up the dead body! It was a station wagon, not a hearse!

    I'm sure Mom would have considered it, though, for the right price.

  13. I like your stories.
    ...and the station wagon.

  14. Funny stories!

    And hey, I can see how your mom would think the bedspread cover would work.

    I was just waxing nostalgic about fringed chenille bedspreads the other day, go figure...you've got me thinking about them again. I'm keeping my eye out for one in a vintage shop. :)


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