Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dirge Devils

A couple of years I ago I drove up to Chicago to hang out with L.A. Lori, who was then Chicago Lori, and after that Baltimore Lori...AKA my best friend since 1973, before a lot of you were even born.

Yes. Her name is also Lori, and if you were here with us, we'd do this schtick for you; we'd sing: "...and we both have the same middle name." It's true, we do.

Lori's pretty forgiving of my insistence to carry a camera with me everywhere I go. At the very least, after 33 years of friendship, she tosses up her hands, takes a sip from a secret flask she carries only when she's with me, and lets me do my thang.

So we were running 'round Chicago for the day, Chinatown on the agenda. We'd just gotten off the El, when we came across a very serene scene: a dirge band in front of a funeral home. Awww, dark, black, sad, the music played. So, so sad. But Hey! What a cool picture this would make!!!

Och! No batteries in my camera, it was to have been one of our first stops, get batteries, get batteries! Lori and I raced up the block looking into foreign windows trying to figure out which shop would be carrying my Duracels. Idiots, we were, trying to get the batteries, and run back down the block and get a few good shots before the music stopped.

Racing and panting, I found a doorway I could duck into to grab a few shots with discretion; I wasn't going to stand in the middle of the street photographing a funeral, for heaven's sake! A little decorum was in order!

I exchange the old batteries for the new, get the thing set up the way I want it, line up my shot, focus my camera...

...and what through my wondering viewfinder should appear...

...the boys in the band STOP their song, drop their instruments, turn, and pose for us. They WAVED at us. What? They are smiling! They are laughing! They are FLIRTING with us, "heyyy ladies! Hey! Where ya from?!!"


There went my somber shot, wouldn't it have been great in black and white? Those crazy guys ended up racing 'cross the street and giving us their business cards.

Dang. The shot was ruined.

Yeah, like that's what we were thinking. In reality, we were high-fiving, and chortling, "Wolf-whistles from a dirge band!!! Oh yeah, we still got it!"


  1. Girl,

    You know we still got it!

    I love your picture taking and I love you!

    LA Lori

  2. "1973, before a lot of you were even born".

    I wish!

  3. There's nothing worse than a dirge band trolling for groupies. The pics look great, even the first one. I find a luscious sense of irony from a smiling, cat calling dirge band.

  4. That's great. Truly classic and a funny story to boot. Sorry abou tthat "mugging" thing. Sheesh! You should have hit him repeatedly with your purse or something. That's a very uncool practical joke. What if he'd confused someone else (who packs a loaded pistol) for you? He'd be digging lead out of his crotch right now.
    I'm off to Aruba for the week. You'll be missed.

  5. Great story.

    Great pictures.

    I think you could put the b/w ones in the show!!

    You're a gynus!!

  6. I love everything about this post. And you still SO got it!

  7. This is most excellent! I love the photos. Did you know my best friend's name is Wendy? Hee hee.

    And I think I saw my first Dead show in 1973. (okay, maybe 1976.)

  8. PP: Thank you darling. I'll send you a mousepad or something.

    Dogbait: Yeah, remember when?

    ChazEverD: I knew you'd appreciate the beauty.

    AndyT: I think when we hit someone repeatedly with our purse, we are to call it our "pocketbook." I don't believe I had my pocketbook with me.

    Momo: YOUR pix are going in the show too!

    BP: Aw, thanks darlin!

    Wendy-Wendy: Hi from Lori-Lori! Now you know where to go to pick up men next time you come to Chicago. Don't tell your husband I said that, or he'll never come and eat at my house.

  9. Hmmm

    That is a nice pics* .

    I guess they do that for a living .. So they are not to worry abt the funeral as much as the family of the dead man.


  10. When we're in Chicago (Wendy & me) we always go for drinks at Rosebud. No shortage of flirty older men there either :)

    What IS your middle name. If you don't want to say, then what is Lori's? (sorry, I couldn't help it)

    Wendy & I have different middle names. BUT our maiden names are VERY similar!

  11. Sounds like a great time. Wonderful photos too.


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