Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Just In

I just sat down to multiple (2) emails from friends informing me of the lastest AOL/HBO plan for a new broadband channel called "This Just In." Here's a summary:
AOL has partnered with HBO to launch "This Just In," a new comedy-themed broadband channel set to go live sometime during the first quarter of 2007. The new site will feature a heavy dosage of video content, including lots of topical comedic performances, as well as a blogging platform which will allow the site's audience to comment on the days events — ranging from politics to pop culture.
Tsk. What a gross oversight on their part: "This Just In" has already been done! Won't their faces be red when they find out that they're stomping all over MY little blogfeet.

My immediate plan of action is to be gracious and understanding. I will sit back and wait for their apologies in the form of fruit and floral baskets. Truckloads of them. And maybe a few all-expense paid trips to one red-carpet affair or another.

Either that, or I'll ride their coat tails and bask in the staggering number of hits on my site meter.

Either one is fine with me.


  1. I'm glad I could be one of the news-breakers...

    If it makes you famouser (and, maybe richer?) - I'm all for it! ;0)

  2. Wow, so now you will be famous and everything

  3. You need to put some kind of add on your site so that you can make money when the site meter jumps.

  4. And here I was thinking that you had sold the rights to the story of your life to HBO. That, of course, begs the question: What actress would play you?

  5. Why, Linda Hamilton, of course.

  6. Maybe they'll buy you out. Then you'd have to think of a new blog name.

  7. Tell us you registed the name and there will be major negotiations with aol and you will be super rich and live happily ever after.

  8. Linda Hamilton? I think Kate Hudson.

    You are going to get some serious hits! Yeah! I'm just glad to know you.

  9. Well, I HOPE they honour you with trips and flowers and money for having been so clever!

    (Yay Linda Hamilton!)

  10. I agree with Wendy.

    Kate Hudson.

  11. AZ :o)11:35 PM

    I'm all giddy inside -- can I have your autograph? I've never known an almost famous person! I'm sure the headlines will read "Gnightgirl" rejects $8.7 million offer for rights to "This Just In" blog name.

  12. you need to pen a letter to the chairman of HBO and AOL and let them know of their misjustices.

    I'd make it just one page with 1 inch margins, top, bottom, right and left!!!! LOL

  13. Mike: They'll buy me out. I'll hire you to come up with my new name. Then you can retire.

    June: I love that story!

    Wendy: Ok. And Jennifer Aniston can play you, in my life story.

    Tai: You're all coming along on my trips!

    Wil: Kate is fine. An actress half my age and half my weight. All right!

    AZ: Gnightgirl will ACCEPT all 8.7 million dollar buyout bids. I know, I'm selling out.

    Muffin: You can make a beautiful letter for me to send, with your scrapbooking supplies. OK?

  14. Are you sure they didn't steal your idea? :)It would be nice if they could acknowlege your blog in some form. I would be excited because of our keyboard acquaintance. :)

  15. And we can all say "you know, I knew about her first..."

    and Linda Hamilton is indeed PERFECT for the movie!

  16. Another "This Just In" sighting! Fox "News" Channel is trying to create a "Daily Show for conservatives" (ick) which they were originally going to name This Just In. They scraped the name because of the AOL thing.


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