Thursday, November 02, 2006

Challenges, III

WhooHoo! More promises to rise to the challenge, in both comments and e-mails. There's no deadline folks, keep 'em coming!

Dogath's Domain has delivered! What fun! Dragons. gorgeous chessboards and Chinese artifacts; there's some great stuff here. If I owned this stuff, they'd be my favorites too. Seriously.

Thanks for sharing, DD.

Last Minute Lyn
has played also. I love the plant story, and there's some more cool stuff you should check out here.

Barry's up and running from Baghdad! Whoop!

12:30 Thursday: I just got an email from reader/commenter "AZ," with these photos and this explanation:
Not just a teapot collection, but a walk through memory lane; every pot is a place I've been, a bargain found, a treasure collected, a memory kept, and a friend or co-worker remembered.

The cat cookie jar (Puss n Boots top picture lower right) is a treasure purchased by my significant other's mother during WWII while she waited for the return of her husband.

AZ: Thanks so much for sharing; great pix, great stories.


  1. I finally got around to it and posted mine.
    Fun challenge

  2. OK - finally either my connection of blogger semi-cooperated - kind of cheap/lame on my part - but I played :)

  3. I keep forgetting to play! I'll send myself an e-mail.

  4. Love those teapots!

    I forgot to post too!

    In fact, I've forgotten to post anything at all for a while!

  5. I'm so going to do this....I'll let you know when it's up on my blog

  6. I forgot to share mine :)

    This little dude rests on my desk upstairs (you can even come see him if you should ever choose to venture to our realm...).

    He was given to me by my once-best-friend, who swore that I would someday marry a man who was so outdoorsy and hardcore that he would be out hunting animals with spears for me in Alaska. Of course, I doubted that part (not the Alaska part, but the man hunting with spears part), and told her as much, but she insisted that when I got married she would give me koi for a pond so that the manly man I married would have something to practice on while we were still in Illinois.

    Instead of real koi... she got me a plastic fish. I'm sure this story only makes sense to me, but that's okay.


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