Monday, October 30, 2006

Challengee's Responses

I decided to post links to those that posted a response to the household pictorial challenge in a separate entry, so's they don't get lost in the chaos.

Playah #1
: Doh! Nancy beat me to this by a year.

Playah #2: Larry Jones was on the same wavelength as I was, this weekend.

Playah #3: Sveny has responded to my slap with a white glove. Stay tuned.

Numero Quatro: Barry's going to play, if Baghdad Internet and Blogger allow!

Cinco: Andy T's in Please hold.

Playah VI: Score! Finding Blanche has a few of her favorite things up here!

7. Kimber the wolfgrrl linked to these gorgeous dishes, just like her own.

Ocho: Ilaiy sent me this photo, taken from his cell phone. Mmmm, cardamom and ginger crushed together in this thing for delicious tea, as I remember.


  1. I'm on it...give me a sec to remmember my darn usb cable

  2. Thank you for stoping by. I will do a post on something sentimental or meaningfull in my life. You will know about it..

    Keep blogging..

  3. Girl you take great photos. They are gorgiouse! Keep up the fantastic work. -Karla

  4. Nice pics .. It was fun ..


  5. Hi Gnightgirl

    I will take your challenge as well...


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