Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Whoo Hoo!

My sister is 2 years cancer-free today. Yayyy!

I heard a rumor that she's handing out goodies in her office today, so if you work with her, you better get over there while the gettin's good.

Her birthday is Friday; she spent her 40th recovering from surgery at Barnes in St. Louis. 2 years later, and we still haven't given her a proper big 4-0 bash. She claims she'd rather celebrate this day any time.

So, give a shout out to Teri, if you know her, and even if you don't she'll love it.

Love ya, Tar!


  1. Yeah Teri! I don't know you, but what a wonderful reason to celebrate!

  2. I couldn't think of a better reason to par-tay!

  3. That's wonderful! We got news today that my dad's cancer is in remission and there is no sign of the tumor that was on his pancreas! It's a happy day.

  4. Hey Teri! Happy Birthday and congrats on 2 years! I am a little disappointed that I won't get any goodies, though.

  5. Are you throwing her a big pink themed birthday bash? Too bad I don't road trip like I did in my 20's :) Tell her Happy Birthday!

  6. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Teri here. Thank you all! Also, a very HEARTFELT THANK YOU to gnightgirl. Who, by the way, was one person that was by my side and in my heart through the entire Cancer episode and has been there for me all of my life! I couldn't have done either of them without you! I am so fortunate you are my sister!

    Oh and just for the record to all of her fellow bloggers, She sent me a Birthday card confessing that she used to make me eat dirt..... Tee hee.

  7. I have great admiration for people who recovered from cancer. They have courage and determination to win over that dreadful disease. Very inspiring

  8. Wow what a milestone. Congrats and Happy Birthday Teri.

    Gnightgirl, you made her eat dirt!!! That sort of forgiveness, can only come from family.

  9. I was trying to boost her immunity system.

  10. That's beautiful! Yea!!! for Teri! Thank God! I'm happy for you and your family. Now, you can make that Cancer eat dirt. :)

  11. Now that's something worth celebrating! Birthdays are for squares!



  13. Teri - woo hoo!!!(I don't know Teri)

    well worth celebrating that!!!

    Stay safe and God Bless.

  14. Teri

    Many happy returns of the day .. And congrats .. That is really nice and need time to celebrate ..
    Have a nice one ..


  15. Teri, I'm so happy that you're cancer free! That is wonderful!

    And Happy Birthday!


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