Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday with Muh-MA


6t wat

zp lok

So reads my mother's grocery list, these days. That's peppermints, 60 watt light bulbs, and zip lock bags.

I've mentioned before, that my mother takes Razadyne, a drug for those in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. And that she still functions okay, save numbers, and some spelling. She's sometimes frustrated and anxious over the state of her spelling, and lack of numerical savvy, but we figure, "just roll with it." She hands me her list, I read over it without blinking an eye, and off we go to complete her mission.

Today we decided to take a bit of a hike around Homer Lake, a small park about15 miles from here.

For all of my roaming the countryside in these parts, I can't tell you jack about "1700N" or any other N/S/E/W county road numbers. I have a general idea of where I need to be, and I just start driving. I know one, and only one route to Homer Lake.

And I didn't take that particular route today, but I was unconcerned. I still know in which direction I needed to drive, whereupon I would either stumble across the place, or stop and ask for directions.

I mentioned this to Mom, while we were in the next town over. "Easy," she said. "You have to go by the playground. Take a right here." And then a another right, a left, and a right...


We were heading back the direction in which we'd come from. Mom was steadfast, though, and readying to be insulted if I questioned her. "I brought the kids here a million times," she said.

Yes Maam.

Yup, by the playground, down the road, to the sign that said "Homer Lake Road."

"YAY MOM! You got me Un-lost!"

She all but said "duh."

In this day when my sister and I are seeing to it that her life is under control, that she's driven where she needs to go, that she's stocked with groceries and meds, it was fun to have her save the day again, to direct me and set me straight. It was uplifting for both of us, actually.

We got to the lake, took a few pictures, and I convinced her to take a mini hike down one of the trails, although the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Let's hike down this trail, just a bit."

Mom: ———

Me, knowingly: "You're scared of snakes, aren't you?"

Mom: "If one gets one me, will you get it off of me?"

Me: "Hell no."

Mom: ———

Me: Ok, fine, Mom. If a snake gets on you, I will get it off of you.


And no snakes.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM


    Reading this, I can feel the love that you have for your mom, and somehow I feel a bit of sadness, too, but that could just be me projecting my feelings in that situation.

    Moms are precious and unreplaceable in the hearts of their children, no matter the age. As my mom grows older, I do wonder at her strength and the sacrifices she has made for me and I admire her even more.

    I hope you build many more memories that you can keep with you forever, and may your mom keep you "unlost."


    PS: Those pictures were beautiful!

  2. Often conversations with my Mom go like this...
    "I need that thing"
    "what thing?"
    "You know that thing with the thingy"
    "Oh that thing"
    and the scarey thing is I know what thing she is taking about.
    Pretty Pics of the park

  3. Yeesh. My fears of infirmity expand every time I read one of these. Not to mention dealing with my own folks. Nice pics tho. ANd good that your mom still has it. How's your ear?

  4. You are a wonderful daughter. The little things, like knowing the way, are terrific ways to help you both... Glad there were no snakes. Whew!

  5. Wts rng wth hr splln?

    Hey I don't speel now. ..See I actually typed speel instead of spell

  6. Pavel: Thanks. Three cheers for Moms!

    LML: It's right next to the whatchamacallit, every time.

    Andy: See ear blog.

    Wendy: No snakes at our park, but my sister had a terrifying story of a very large one at her family reunion on the same day; it stood on it's tail and struck at my BIL!

    Barry: gts the pnt acrs, so its all gd

  7. Beautiful pics!!!

    As you know I am going through a tough time with my mom...and just reading this post...::sigh:: has made me long for the day she will rescue me again...

    I know it's right around the corner..!!

  8. It was heart-warming to hear about your mom getting you un-lost.

    YOU took those pics! They are awesome! Magazine-like.

  9. Anonymous10:46 PM

    That's poison ivy climbing that tree. It has some beautiful fall color...just don't touch.
    Lisa Simpson, 'Bart remember, leaves 3 leave them be.' Homer, 'Leaves 4 eat some more, he, he.'
    Ahh, Homer where would we be without your advice.

  10. Mary: Crossing my fingers that Mama comes around, for her sake and for yours!

    DNA: :blush: pshaw!

    Philosophical, Anonymous Mark: This explains why I get poison ivy so much; I've never been able to identify it, and there I go crawling around in it to take its picture. Sheesh.

  11. Does your Mom have a Blackberry? Her grocery list looks just like IM abbreviations!

  12. Ha! I have a big fat picture of how Mom and a blackberry would go over! I do keep her equipped with a simple cel phone that has the theme from batman as the ringer. She loves that.

  13. hilarious!! i have similar conversations with my mum too.. and that's an adorable picture with the doggie :D


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